What does sun damaged skin look like?


The sun gives us the beauty of warmth and light, but too much sun can compromise the skin’s health. We explore the question, 'What does sun-damaged skin look like?' and discover nurturing paths to restore skin vitality.

While we honor the natural aging process with reverence and care, we also recognize the importance of slowing the signs of premature aging. These are often accelerated by lifestyle habits and external factors, especially sun exposure.

UVB and UVA rays both impact the skin in different ways; UVA penetrates to the deeper levels of the skin causing stress to collagen and elastin fibers. Meanwhile, the impacts of UVB rays are felt more immediately and are visible in the top layer of the skin –they are responsible for the telltale hot, red flush and burning sensation of a sunburn, the effects of too much sun exposure. 

UVB rays not only contribute to the acceleration of signs of aging, but also carry a more concerning risk: they are the primary rays implicated in the development of skin cancer.


Sun-damaged skin manifests in various ways. Uneven skin tone is a common indicator, where you might notice sun spots especially on more delicate and exposed areas like the face, hands, neck, and arms which have seen more sun. These flat, brown patches are also known as age spots. 

Freckles can become more pronounced and numerous with sun exposure. The skin may develop a mottled appearance, a pattern of hyperpigmentation with blotchy, darker, and lighter patches. Sometimes, the aftermath of sun exposure is a noticeable redness, with broken blood vessels creating prominent red lines or a ruddy complexion.

Collagen and elastin, crucial for maintaining the skin’s structure, break down under the sun's rays, leading to fine lines and an overall loss of firmness. Signs of sun damage can show in textural changes too, with skin becoming rougher and drier, signaling a thirst for hydration. 

Depending on your skin coloring, these signals may manifest differently but they remind us of the skin’s vulnerability and the importance of sun protection.

We recommend mineral sunscreen formulations– this means tried and true zinc-oxide based blends– as an optimal choice over chemical formulations. While all of us know how essential broad spectrum sunscreen is to protect your skin, it’s also important to note that many sunscreens, including mineral formulas, can have a dehydrating effect on the skin. 

In the wisdom of nature, plants have evolved gentle defenses against the sun's rays, through protective antioxidants and natural UV-absorbing mechanisms

Rather than incorporating mineral sunscreens, which can draw away the skin’s moisture, our formulas harness the natural, gentle shield of beautiful botanicals in plant butters, protective oils and natural lotus leaf wax. 

These time-honored plant remedies offer a light layer of UV protection without depleting the skin and are designed to beautifully pair with sunscreens, ensuring holistic care and protection for your skin.

When planning a day in the sun, begin your morning routine with a gentle spritz of Bulgarian Rose Water, to reawaken the complexion.  

After applying your choice of serum or treatment, finish with a protective layer of Celestial Rose Crème. To help counter any dehydration, apply Celestial Rose Crème 30 minutes before applying SPF. This allows your skin to drink in the benefits and be best prepared for sunscreen.

For complete and skin supportive protection, rely on physical sun blocks–—hats, pareos, sunglasses and light long-sleeved shirts–when spending time outdoors. 

After you come out of the sun at the end of the day, it's best to wash off any sunscreen as soon as you can. Purifying Cleansing Gel is ideal, so cooling and refreshing for all skin tones and types.

Roman Chamomile Tonic, with its calming and restorative qualities, is so gentle for skin seeking relief after a long day outdoors. Ideal for irritated, sensitive, or dry complexions, the light floral water formulation not only soothes the skin but calms the mind.

To help support and rejuvenate sun damaged skin, rely on Spontaneous Recovery Crème. Dry, depleted skin will drink in the formula’s treasured natural remedies including Buriti Fruit Oil and Iris Root to deeply rehydrate the complexion. 

Used consistently, our plant remedies can support long-term improvement in sun damage and offer a gentler alternative to invasive treatments like chemical peels, which can place much stress on the skin. We always advocate for gentle, natural plant remedies for recovery and protection.

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