The season’s transition is a beautiful time to come into harmony with nature. And, as you guide yourself into presence through connecting with the world around you, it’s also a perfect time to feel into what the skin needs most. After all, our skin is where we meet the world. 

You can start by simply looking around. What’s blooming in your world? Where is life expanding or contracting in your environment? And, turning inside, what do you crave most? Where’s your own growing edge? How is your own state of being a reflection of the natural world around you? 

I tend to shift my skin care routine to synchronize with the summer season by turning towards refreshing Purifying Cleansing Gel to cool the skin with Spearmint and spritzing with Roman Chamomile Tonic, the most pure experience of that ancient skin-soothing bloom. 

It all leads me into presence with the wider world of nature all around me and the ways I am responding to my environment. I am wishing you a summer full of exploration, deepening connection and a beautiful embodiment of the season’s light.


At the end of a long day give yourself a gentle pick-me-up with an herbal foot soak. Blend one to two drops of pure essence of Lemon or Lavender into a basin of cool water and let the heat dissolve as you close your eyes and soak your feet. (Following with a Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil foot massage feels extra wonderful.)


For an extra-refreshing deep cleanse, blend a little Purifying Cleansing Gel with micro-exfoliating Epi-Peel in the palm of your hand and wash the summer’s heat away. As we all know, sunscreen can also cause buildup at the skin’s surface. This quick mud-wash can encourage the skin’s natural cycle of cellular rejuvenation, and leave the complexion glowing.


Luminous Morning Crème is blended with citrusy essence of Neroli and Sweet Orange to help skin stay balanced during the summer months. But recent studies show that Vitamin-C rich citruses can also help protect the skin from sun damage and retain hydration. Bring citrus into your summer lifestyle through your skin care routine and your diet.

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