When you set your New Year’s skin care goals, remember to keep your pace lovingly languid. Skin takes 28 days or more to renew, and during that time all your care will nurture newly developing cells. Epi-Peel, three times a week, so gently helps remove dull surfaces cells and encourages the body’s natural renewal process, and I’ve seen Intensive Repair Balm work so truly and deeply over the course of this span, strengthening and supporting regeneration. While taking good care of the skin is a lifelong holistic practice, these two formulas can work wonders as you pursue transformation.


Instead of getting taken in by the screen, it can feel so good to take a break, and to sit and look instead at a fire outside—I love sitting by a fire in meditation—or even gazing at a candle. In the same way, eye-gazing with an animal or another human helps us maintain our sense of wonder and connection. Our world enters through the eyes and how we nourish these connections feels very alive this year.


Giving yourself a facial massage feels not only a nice addition to the routine, but essential. It’s such a great tool for relaxation. If you aren’t sure about the practice, start at the center of the forehead, a place that can instill instant relaxation, as when you are helping a tiny baby to sleep. You might enjoy my quick tutorial on how to do a beautiful facial massage with Quintessential Serum.


Here’s inspiration for you: Research has shown that not only does exercise keep us feeling and looking young, but it can actually reverse the effects of aging on skin. Working out for 30 minutes, even just twice a week—and this is especially true for those over 40—can have a powerful effect after two short months.  Remember—heightened circulation helps bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin, and perspiration can help flush out the system. Endorphins during exercise rise while levels of collagen-damaging stress hormones like cortisol fall. Our skin—and body—are perfectly designed to renew in this way. My post-workout protocol to refresh and restore the skin includes: Purifying Cleansing Gel, floral toner Essential C Tonic, used as a whole body spritzer, and Plant Milk serum, nurturing the complexion with a silky veil of protection.


If you have access to a sauna or steam therapy, that is a huge benefit. But it’s also easy to bring these benefits to the skin through a gentle herbal steam, which helps soften the skin before exfoliation and heightens circulation. Simply pour hot water into a big bowl, add fresh herbs like Rosemary or Thyme, or a drop of essential oil to the water—Lemon, Rosemary or Spearmint are so nice. Then inhale deeply and allow yourself to open to the steam.


Breathing deeply as a consistent practice helps oxygenate the skin. This essential element is good for us in every way. A new breathing practice can help calm the nerves, brighten the mood and bring us into sleep more easily. Why not experiment a little and try a guided breath-focussed meditation on Insight Timer?


I love to give my eyes some refreshing attention in the mornings. First, I apply Awakening Eye Gel, which is so quenching to the delicate skin around the eyes. I circle the orbitals with my fingertips up to 25 times to awaken energy and increase absorption, and then I apply Plant Milk serum all over. It’s a great daytime treatment for the whole face, absorbing deeply and leaving a delicate sheen on the surface. Since there are no oil ducts around the eyes, I love the way these two layer up to veil the area with nurturing protection.


For those who hold tension in the neck, I recommend a stress reducing protocol which can also help reduce fine lines in that area. Create an herbal-infused wrap by dampening a towel in a basin of warm water infused with a drop or two of essential oil (Lavender, Chamomile or Frankincense are nice). Wrap that around the neck area for 5 minutes. Then follow with a nutritive treatment super-boost. In the palm of your hand, add a precious drop of pure, nourishing Quintessential Serum to Rose Geranium & Tangerine Body Lotion and massage in gently.


Bringing freshness and openness to the heart area can help ease tension in almost any situation. In my experience, it’s a physical practice that can have dramatic emotional and spiritual effects. Kundalini yoga exercises like this series use repetitive cleansing movements to help release tension in the ribs and heart as you breathe deeply. But you can also spend some minutes in meditation using your imaginal sense to inhale a cleansing and clearing white light into your heart area, and on the exhale to release any irritation, frustration or sadness. A quick spritz of Bulgarian Rose Water beforehand can help support and sustain this practice, as Rose is a traditional ally in all matters of the heart. 

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