Does Sleep Affect the Skin


Nurturing ourselves with sufficient, quality sleep is an act of self-love that resonates through every aspect of our being. Does sleep affect the skin? Undoubtedly, yes. Embracing our downtime as a prime time for healing allows us to greet each new day with refreshed energy and vitality.

How Does Sleep Impact Your Skin?

Sleep is a time of healing for the skin. During those precious hours of deep slumber, our bodies are hard at work, releasing growth hormone (GH), to help repair and regenerate our skin among other tissues. 

Anti-inflammatory beta-endorphins also peak, offering their healing touch, while collagen disrupting cortisol levels recede, allowing our skin to restore and renew itself. Getting enough sleep is essential to ensure we maximize these natural processes of vitality, to promote healthier, more resilient skin.

Does Poor Sleep Quality Affect Your Skin?

Yes, poor sleep quality has a direct impact on the skin’s appearance and health. There are visible signs of fatigue—such as dark circles and a lackluster, dull complexion—but sleep deprivation impacts every facet of wellness, including brain functioning and  mental health. For the skin, the consequences are especially visible and can accelerate signs of aging such as fine lines, uneven tone, and diminished elasticity.

Skin Benefits of Beauty Sleep

Truly restful slumber—a solid eight hours of sleep ideally—is the perfect elixir for healthy skin and unlocks the full spectrum of benefits. This restorative period helps to smooth fine lines, even out skin tone, and improve skin’s elasticity, preparing you to greet the day with a radiant glow.

A soothing evening routine, infused with the aromatic benefits of Lavender and Rose, sets the stage for beauty sleep, allowing us to pause, reflect, and honor the day's end. This practice replenishes both skin and spirit, preparing us for restful slumber.

Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil not only hydrates and nourishes the body but envelopes it in a clean, serene aroma of pure Lavender that is known to promote relaxation and encourage a good sleep. The practice of self-massage with this exquisite oil stimulates blood flow, aiding relaxation and encouraging restful sleep. A favorite for enhancing skin’s suppleness and glow, it sets a tranquil tone for the night. Many of our clients keep Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil next to the bed, applying it to the decollete before bedtime to help soothe the whole system.

You can further enhance your nighttime routine with Bulgarian Rose Water. Spritzing your pillow with this floral tonic not only brings the loving vibration of Rose into your dreams but also envelops you in its soothing fragrance, setting a peaceful mood for sleep.

Habits like turning off electronic devices well before bedtime and committing to a consistent sleep schedule also helps align your body's internal clock. This regularity smooths the sleep-wake cycle and helps diminish visible signs of fatigue. Additionally, maintaining a sleep environment that is both dark—blackout curtains help here—and set to a slightly cool temperature can also support a more restful sleep.

Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes can serve as a reminder to heed our body's call for deeper rest. 

Lack of sleep can cause blood vessels to dilate, making them appear darker and thus contributing to the shadows under the eyes. 

It's also important to recognize that hydration, diet, and genetics contribute to the presence of dark circles, underscoring a holistic approach to overall well-being and skin health.

Getting the Best Skin Treatment to Reduce Signs of Aging

While no product can take the place of quality sleep, we can support and maximize the skin’s nocturnal rhythms of rejuvenation with botanical, nutrient-rich formulas. As transepidermal water loss is naturally higher at night, focus on formulas to seal in and retain moisture while delivering active ingredients to the skin. 

Wind down your day with a plant-based protocol and calming botanicals that gently undo the day's toll, and set the stage for skin rejuvenation and deep rest to counteract signs of aging.

Begin your routine with Cleansing Milk, enriched with Lavender for its soothing and cleansing benefits, alongside Fo-Ti to leave every skin type soft, radiant, and primed for a restful night.


Next, spritz Bulgarian Rose Water onto fresh skin to reawaken the complexion. The calming scent of Rose can also create a relaxing atmosphere conducive to sleep.


For overnight rejuvenation, lavish the sensitive eye area, often first to show aging, with Awakening Eye Gel.  Featuring Green Myrtle to ease puffiness and Elder Flower to deeply hydrate, this ultra-nourishing eye cream will work its magic as you rest.

Further enrich your nighttime ritual with Quintessential Serum,, a rich fusion of Frankincense and Rose essence. This deeply nourishing blend is designed to replenish your skin with essential nutrients throughout the night, awakening to a revitalized complexion.

In the evening, rely on Celestial Rose Crème, our perfect, richly restorative night cream blended with precious Rose and Manuka Honey.  The crème, itself simply melts into the skin, harmonizing with your body's natural rhythms to rejuvenate and repair as you sleep–the perfect blend of potency and gentle care for nighttime restoration. As the skin is prone to losing moisture at night, the hydrating powers of Rose and the natural humectant properties of Manuka Honey in the crème are ideal for guarding against dehydration. Together, they work to attract and retain moisture, ensuring you awaken to a complexion that is not only deeply hydrated but also radiantly refreshed.

Crafting a supportive nighttime routine encompasses everything from the calming scents of botanicals to achieving the right body temperature for sleep. Begin to shape your routine step by step, embracing practices that encourage deep, restful slumber.

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