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A question I’m asked often is, which Tammy Fender formulations best serve men’s skin? In honor of Valentine’s Day—and sharing what you love—I’m happy to offer this protocol for holistically caring for the men’s skin.

Of course, each person’s path to perfect balance is unique, but in general men’s skin is different from women’s skin in significant ways. Besides facial hair, hormonal differences mean that men’s skin is slightly thicker, boasts a little more collagen, and tends to be better hydrated, thanks to elevated sebum production. We’ve got all that covered.

Before shaving, I like to recommend men use our Cleansing Milk, which softens the beard and whisks away excess oils. Shaving itself acts as an exfoliant, but following with antioxidant-rich Essential C Tonic not only re-energizes the complexion, it soothes and purifies. Our Antioxidant Crème provides a wonderful finish, bursting with bright citrus aroma, though it’s not too thick in texture. It’s a great nourisher and a protector against free radicals and environmental stresses, while also acting as a natural anti-depressant, uplifting the senses.

On the deepest level, however, our formulas, blending only the most powerfully pure and ancient holistic remedies, are also created to encourage the kind of energetic movement and momentum that builds inner strength, removing blockages and fostering the growth of true connection. In that way, when someone takes the loving time to care for himself or herself with holistic intention, it is a gift to all.

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