Late Spring is a time of beginnings—graduations, weddings and so many fresh ways to start anew. Tapping into intuition is a great way to guide yourself out of over-worn habits and into practices that are just right for you. Reflecting on what’s past, and pivoting towards the future, can be such an exciting time when you bring in an intention as support.  

Of course, leaning into what you crave most and deeply means carving out the space to listen within. Some may find that spaciousness while in motion, walking, dancing or working out. Some may find it in stillness, sitting in the garden, meditating or relaxing with a good book and a thick application of Restorative Radiance Masque (one of my favorite ways to replenish my skin *and* reconnect to my inner knowing). But no matter which path you take inward, my wish is that you meet yourself at this time of fresh openings with nurturing care, and all the love that every tender blooming thing needs.


Tapping is a great way to land yourself in the here and now in preparation of every new beginning. You simply use your fingertips to stimulate acupressure points, so gently tapping along the browline by starting at the center, between the eyes, and working your way out to the hairline. Inhale deeply as you go, and exhale with ease. As you breathe, attune yourself to the release and to the inner voice of intuition. This is a great practice to bring to your face care routine working with Quintessential Serum or Plant Milk Serum.  


Modern research is catching up with ancient wisdom, describing all the ways that Lotus helps brighten the skin while offering deep hydration to the skin. A key ingredient in both Intensive Repair Balmand Restorative Radiance Masque, Lotus Leaf Wax helps protect the complexion, sealing in moisture, while also sharing the energetic beauty of this supremely intuitive botanical legend, sacred in so many Eastern traditions and known for its enlightened purity.


We love to support every bride-to-be in sharing her radiance with special protocols to prepare for the big day. Our Restorative At-Home Treatment Kit includes favorite formulas to create Tammy's double-masking protocol at home, brings a fresh glow to the skin, while at the Spa our Summer Series are designed to achieve incredible skin care results. When you sign up for 6 treatments in a series, you'll receive a 7th as our special gift. To create a special gift for any bride-to-be, reach out to our Spa Concierge.

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