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The journey to a radiant, wedding day complexion begins with understanding the skin’s deep connection to your body's natural rhythms. You can honor this relationship leading up to your wedding with a holistic bridal skincare routine that chooses natural ingredients, nourishing food, and supportive rituals that enhance your skin and spirit. 


Two Months Before Your Wedding Day

In the months leading to your wedding day focus on both the internal and external aspects of beauty. A nourishing diet and a thoughtful exercise schedule, paired with the right skincare routine, can do wonders for your complexion. 

Starting six weeks before your wedding day allows your skin to complete its natural regeneration cycle.

During this important time, removing chemical-based products from your regimen is a wonderful boost to the health of your skin. Opt for natural alternatives that soothe and nurture without harshness, enhancing your skin's ability to heal and rejuvenate itself naturally.

Simultaneously, step up the nourishment in your diet as part of your pre-wedding skincare routine. Enjoy more organic fruits and vegetables in their raw, natural state. These foods are delicious and full of essential nutrients that help clear and enhance your complexion. They provide vital vitamins and antioxidants that support the skin’s natural barriers and aid in repairing cells. 

At the same time, eating less inflammatory foods can be so supportive of balance. Consider reducing foods which can contribute to skin congestion and dullness–processed foods, refined sugars, and dairy are common culprits. 

Regular movement in the months before the wedding will boost overall circulation, enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your skin and bringing a healthy glow and vitality. 

Choose something you love: yoga, swimming, gentle walks, or dance–all forms of movement are beneficial. And don’t forget the importance of hydration—drinking plenty of water is crucial for maintaining a dewy, freshlook. Water aids in detoxification and helps to keep the skin moist, plump, and elastic, helping diminish the appearance of fine lines.

The wonderful thing about committing to these nourishing skin care practices is you're not just preparing your skin for your special day but fostering a lifetime of healthy, radiant skin. 

Two Weeks Before Your Wedding Day

As your wedding date nears, entering the final two weeks is a good time to lavish your skin with consistent attention to ensure your complexion is radiant. This phase of your bridal beauty journey focuses on deeply nourishing and revitalizing treatments that harmoniously enhance your natural glow. Here's how to pamper your skin, leaving it luminous and beautifully ready for your special day. 

Morning and Evening Routine

CLEANSE: Begin both your morning and evening routines with soothing Cleansing Milk. This cleanser is crafted to calm the skin while thoroughly removing impurities, leaving your complexion fresh and vibrant.

TONE: Next, apply Bulgarian Rose Water liberally to cotton pad; sweep over face and neck. This step will awaken your skin and help set the tone for optimal absorption of the following treatments. The essence of Rose works wonders in rejuvenating and hydrating the skin, preparing it for deeper nourishment.

NOURISH: Apply Plant Milk Serum to deeply nourish your complexion. This serum is a blend of gentle yet potent botanicals that encourages absorption and micro-circulation, vital for a glowing complexion. If your skin feels particularly dry or needs extra care, layer on your favorite moisturizing crème to lock in the serum's benefits.

Twice Weekly Evening Care

MICRO-EXFOLIATING: Treat your skin to gentle, regular facials with Epi-Peel. After cleansing, apply Epi-Peel in circular motions to lift away any surface dullness and remove dead skin cells. 

This formula combines exfoliation with a mask for a gentle yet effective renewal, an alternative to chemical exfoliating, leaving your skin smooth and refined. Allow the mask to set for five minutes.

Lean over a bowl of lightly steaming water to open your pores, enhancing the mask's effectiveness. Use a flickering gommage technique with your fingertips to remove the mask gently. A heated towel, soaked in a basin of warm water with a drop of Lavender essential oil, can be used to remove any last traces, soothing the skin further.

Apply Plant Milk Serum to calm and hydrate the skin after exfoliating. If needed, follow with a moisturizing crème for additional hydration.

Weekly Ritual for Deep Relaxation and Beautification

Once a week, dedicate time to unwind with Restorative Radiance Mask. Apply a thick layer of this lavish mask, rich with the essences of Rose, Lotus, and Baobab. These ingredients are revered not only for their hydrating properties but also for their abilities to soothe and beautify the skin. 

Rest in the bath for 15-20 minutes, perhaps infused with a few drops of essence of Ylang Ylang to enhance relaxation. Afterwards, rinse and gently pat your skin dry. Finish this ritual by massaging a generous amount of Plant Milk Serum into your face, enveloping your skin in moisture and care.

This exquisite routine supports and amplifies your skin's natural beauty, ensuring you look and feel absolutely radiant on your big day. Integrating such beautiful self-care into your wedding planning can make your preparations more special and personalized. Remember, the essence of these weeks is about nurturing yourself inside and out, embracing the journey towards your most beautiful, serene self. 

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