Why You Should Start Using Rose Water on Your Hair

Nurture beautiful hair naturally with rose water. Renowned for its gentle, nourishing properties, rose water is a perfect addition to your hair care routine. Discover why you should start using rose water on your hair to transform your scalp health, enhancing shine and vitality from root to tip.


Rose water tenderly cares for hair. It revitalizes hair and scalp with its hydrating and soothing properties, promoting shine, growth, and overall health.

Precious rose also envelops you in a beautifully loving vibration–offering aromatherapeutic benefits unlike any other. Its cherished scent creates a space of love around you, opening up your heart, and calming your mind beautifully. With Rose water, hair care can become  a ritual of self-love and heart-opening bliss. 

Is Rose Water Good for Your Hair?

A natural elixir distilled from rose petals, rose water has been celebrated for centuries in many different world traditions

Bulgarian Rose Water, formulated with precious Rose flower water and Rose essential oil, not only awakens the complexion with its rejuvenating properties but can bring a similar revival to the scalp and hair.

Loved for its incredibly nourishing properties, rose water aids in rejuvenating and hydrating the hair, and enhancing natural vibrancy with a bounty of nutritional support beneficial for overall scalp health.

Its light, enchanting fragrance adds a sensory pleasure, enveloping you in the warm strength and love that Rose embodies. 

Does Rose Water Help Hair Growth?

Lustrous, strong hair begins with a well-nourished scalp—an area where rose water offers its nurturing nature. Its hydrating and soothing properties make it an excellent addition to any hair type's care routine, offering a myriad of benefits that support scalp health and, by extension, hair growth.

Nurturing the scalp with the gentle essence of Rose, coupled with practices such as massage, can create an ideal environment for hair to flourish.

Hair growth can be impacted by a variety of factors, ranging from diet and hormones to environmental stressors. However, the health of the scalp plays a pivotal role in supporting the natural hair growth cycle. The use of rose water for hair delivers natural properties that assist in balancing the scalp's pH, soothing irritation, and providing hydration. 

By nurturing a healthier scalp environment, rose water can play a role in encouraging stronger, more resilient hair growth.

What Hair Types Benefit From Using Rose Water?

The gentle, multi-faceted hydrating and balancing benefits of rose water can generally extend to all hair types making it a versatile addition to all haircare routines. 

Its hydrating properties bring relief to dry hair, either naturally dry or stressed from over processing. The beautiful balancing nature of Rose and its mild astringent qualities can help regulate oil production on the scalp, to help reduce oiliness and also reduce dandruff. 

Rose’s soothing nature and anti inflammatory properties are also perfect for a sensitive skin; helping calm scalp irritation and itchiness caused by conditions like eczema or dandruff.

While adding rose water on your hair is generally safe for most people, we always suggest a patch test first. 

How to Use Rose Water for Hair

Enjoy the sublime benefits of using rose water at home for your hair with a relaxing and revitalizing scalp massage.

Begin by loosening up any impurities or dead skin cells on the scalp by using Bulgarian Rose Water with gentle massage. Gently lift sections of the hair and spritz this exquisite tonic onto the scalp. Working in circular motions with the fingertips feels amazing, but also really benefits the scalp, and helps prepare the skin for a deeper cleansing with shampoo.

Massage stimulates circulation and awakens the acupressure points on the head, enhancing nutrient delivery and promoting relaxation. You can follow your intuition and learn what feels good. This, in turn, may encourage hair growth by alleviating stress and tension—a common hindrance to optimal hair health.

You can take Bulgarian Rose Water from the roots to the tips of the hair using our  Jade Comb gua sha tool, a perfect accessory for this ritual. Jade, cherished by generations for its beauty and therapeutic properties, alongside individuals seeking radiant, healthy hair, enriches this tradition. This elegant tool, drawn from ancient Asian practices, embodies the essence of holistic beauty and wellness.

After you apply rose water, begin at the center of the hairline, slowly and with medium-light pressure, comb down the side of your scalp to the base of your head and down toward your neck. Repeat this action all over to refresh and soothe the scalp.

The combination of the therapeutic nature of jade and the rejuvenating qualities of Rose offers a serene ritual that nurtures both hair and spirit, for a luxurious, mindful time of self-care.

For an intimate touch, lightly spray your pillow with Bulgarian Rose Water before bedtime, inviting the loving vibration of Rose into your dreams and nurturing your hair and scalp as you rest.

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