The Benefits of Sunscreen

We explore the benefits of sunscreen as part of a holistic sun care protocol, integrating natural plant defenses to help protect and nourish your skin when spending time outdoors enjoying the sunshine.


Sunscreen is an integral part of a healthy skincare routine, especially when spending time outdoors. When comparing mineral and chemical sunscreen, a mineral option is a good choice–the formulas rely on natural minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to protect your skin.

While we generally want the active ingredients in skincare to really settle into the skin, sunscreen is the exception. Mineral sunscreen sits on top of the skin, rather than absorbing like a chemical formula, acting as a physical barrier, reflecting and deflecting the most harmful suns rays away from your skin.

Let’s explore how sunscreen, in general, can be beneficial to overall skin health:


Shields Against Sunburn

We all know how unpleasant sunburn can be—redness, pain, and peeling are just the start. Sunscreen acts as a protective barrier, shielding your skin from the harmful effects of UVB rays. These rays are the primary cause of sunburn, and using a mineral-based broad spectrum sunscreen that is water resistant and has at least SPF 30 can help prevent those painful burns, keeping your skin healthy and comfortable.


Provides Defense Against Skin Cancer Risk

One of the most significant benefits of using sunscreen is its role in reducing the risk of skin cancer, including melanoma. Sunscreen helps block and deflect UV radiation, which can damage the DNA in your skin cells and, in turn, can develop skin cancer. 


Supports Natural Resilience

Sunscreen isn’t just about preventing burns; it’s also about maintaining your skin’s natural resilience. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin, affecting collagen and elastin.

These rays can change your skin’s texture and elasticity over time. By taking precautions against sun damage, you’re helping  skin stay firm and radiant. It’s about supporting your skin’s health and vitality in a holistic way.


Helps Maintain an Even Skin Tone

UV exposure can trigger an overproduction of melanin, leading to dark spots and uneven skin tone. By protecting your skin from these rays, sunscreen supports a smooth, even complexion. This is especially important for those with sensitive skin or acne-prone skin types, as it helps prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from worsening.



On days spent outdoors in the sunshine, we understand sunscreen plays a key role in protecting the skin.  However, it is important to be aware that many sunscreens, including mineral formulas, can deplete moisture from the skin, so it is crucial to thoroughly cleanse after you wear sunscreen and replenish your skin with hydrating and soothing products.

Plants have their own natural ways of protecting themselves from the sun, using antioxidants and UV-absorbing compounds. Some plant remedies can help provide a light layer of UV protection while nurturing the skin rather than depleting it. Our blends promise the gently protective, hydrating, and rejuvenating benefits of nature’s own support.

By layering our formulas, which are crafted with these beneficial  plant-based remedies, with mineral sunscreen, as well as adding physical protections like hats, long sleeves, and sunglasses when exposed to the sun, you create a harmonious and holistic protective approach to sun exposure. 


Preparing for a Day Outdoors

To prepare for a day in the sunshine, start by moisturizing with Luminous Morning Crème or your favorite moisturizing crème. Then, wait 30 minutes before you apply sunscreen. This allows the skin to absorb the moisturizer's benefits completely, helping counter the dehydrating effects of sunscreen. Let the application of sunscreen be the final step in your morning routine before a day outside.

After a long day of sun exposure, it's important to cleanse, soothe, and replenish your skin. Thoroughly removing sunscreen is just as essential as applying it, so do so at the soonest moment when you come indoors. Our Purifying Cleansing Gel will whisk away any residue, beautifully preparing your skin to receive the calming and rehydrating benefits of our Roman Chamomile Tonic. This gentle floral water not only soothes your skin but also calms your mind, providing a relaxing end to a day in the sunshine.

Finally, rely on Celestial Rose Crème to nourish sun-depleted skin. Infused with the calming essence of pure Rose and the healing properties of Manuka Honey, this crème is perfect for rehydrating and de-stressing your skin after a day in the sun. Its velvety texture melts into skin and provides rich nutritive benefits. Designed to soothe and replenish, it leaves your complexion feeling restored, refreshed, and revitalized.

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