Tammy’s Protocol for Pre-Flight, In-Flight + Post-flight Skin Savers

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Summertime is adventure time. I love to hit the road and to see new places! Yet, when we travel, along the way we often lose precious hours of sleep, whether waking up early to catch a flight or in jet-lag taking its toll. Skin regenerates during sleep, repairing and healing itself after the demands of the day. That’s why on the night before a flight, I recommend treating skin to a thick layer of Restorative Radiance Masque, followed by an application of Quintessential Serum, ensuring that skin is fully replenished even before you set out.

In-flight, as skin will encounter diminished moisture and other environmental stresses, I like to wear Quintessential Serum under a layer of Spontaneous Recovery Crème. Both are formulated to protect and to nourish skin, sealing in moisture and providing skin essential nutrients while you’re on-the-fly. I also carry a small spritzer bottle of Roman Chamomile Tonic, Bulgarian Rose Water or Essential C Tonic in my carry-on bag. The scent of these floral waters and tonics is so grounding. And no matter what happens en route, I know that soothing care is only a quick spritz away!

After a flight, besides getting your body re-hydrated with plenty of fluids, you can awaken skin with a quick in-room facial. Increasing micro-circulation, gently massage Cleansing Milk onto skin with a light, circular motion. Follow with Bulgarian Rose Water, to soothe skin and awaken your heart energy. Finally, revive completely with Restorative Radiance Masque.

While your skin drinks in all those nutrients, for a few moments you might want to practice some simple, relaxing breathing techniques. On the exhale, release any tensions, or frustrations, you encountered while traveling. On the inhale draw in all the bright, lively energy that will help you move through your day. Breath deeply and take as much as you need!

Voilà—you’ll feel fresh, fully recovered and ready for anything.

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