Summer Essentials: Simplicity and Serenity

Sleep & Rest

Summer grants us the space and peace to plunge into a voyage of discovery—whether traveling abroad or sticking close to home this season. As the days grow long and bright, it’s as if the hours suddenly open up wide and we can carve out time for ourselves in a way that might otherwise be utterly impossible. So why not take the opportunity to delve deeper, indulging in a full day of self-discovery by visiting a beautiful spa, wherever you’ll be?

I know that many times we might book a spa visit assuming that experience is going to be a superficial one. But in those very few places where authentic holistic healing is practiced, a deep treatment can touch us on so many levels. There, in the tranquility, we can let go, see things from a new perspective, or even find transcendence.  For me, when I’m receiving a treatment, it offers the chance to re-connect with the plants and herbs I love, which is a journey in itself. The scent of lavender transports me to the South of France, while sandalwood is so evocative of India. That’s why the essential oils we use in Tammy Fender formulations are always harvested at their point of origin, so that they can best capture the true energetic essence of each place. Yet, an authentic spa experience also touches us spiritually and emotionally, and, ultimately, offers the kind of healing that guides us on the long journey back to ourselves.

Let’s take the time to get lost in the deep relaxation and the foundational holistic healing of a long day at the spa this summer—one that finds us ever more ourselves and shining bright on the other side.

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