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We explore answers to skin care questions often asked in the treatment room and the joyful signs your skincare routine is working beautifully. 

Questions About Skincare Product Efficacy - Is Your Skincare Product Working?


How can I tell if my skincare routine is effectively slowing aging?

Softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminishing dark spots and dark circles, and a radiant complexion indicate anti-aging products are nurturing your skin beautifully. 

Plant-based formulas focus on helping regenerate skin and boost collagen and elastin with potent botanical nutrients. Quintessential Serum, rich with rejuvenating essence of Rose, and Celestial Rose Crème, blending Rose with Manuka Honey, support deep hydration and repair, perfectly nurturing mature skin and encouraging its natural radiance. In addition, our eye cream Awakening Eye Gel protects the delicate eye area with Elder Flower, and helps reduce puffiness with toning Green Myrtle.


Do all-natural skin care products work?

All-natural formulations can have a profound impact on skin wellness when the botanical ingredients used in the bend are carefully sourced and are processed in a way that protects their efficacy. 

Unlike beauty solutions that offer quick, superficial results, holistic skincare delves deeper, encouraging comprehensive healing and rejuvenation. Our formulas work on the physical plane, enhancing and replenishing the skin over the course of six weeks, but also nurture the being as a whole.


How do I know if a skincare product is right for my sensitive skin?

Choosing all-natural, plant-based formulas is a great place to start as they are gentler on the skin. If your skin feels soothed and the usual signs of irritation are noticeably reduced, these are positive signs that the formulation is performing well. It will ease, not exacerbate, signs of irritation, leaving your skin feeling cared for, replenished and nurtured. 

Always start with a patch test. Apply a small amount of the product on the inner arm and monitor your skin's reaction. If there's no adverse response within 24 hours, you can feel confident to apply it more liberally.

Fragile complexions can find relief and comfort in our collection of plant remedies for sensitive skin.


What changes should I expect when addressing sun damage with my skincare routine?

Diminished dark spots and a more even skin tone are signs your skin is responding positively to a corrective routine. Look for natural remedies to brighten, gently exfoliate dry skin, and beautifully plump fine lines. 

Spontaneous Recovery Crème, blended with nourishing Bruiti Fruit and Iris Root, is an exceptional choice to address sun damage, offering deep nutritive benefits  and replenishing moisture to plump and restore suppleness to sun-damaged skin. 


What are the indications of a successful skincare routine?

Your skin should speak of balance. Healthy skin under a well-matched routine should feel calm and appear clear and luminous, showing fewer signs of stress or environmental impact.

All of our formulations work synergistically to bring beautiful balance to the skin, helping you achieve a state where your skin feels naturally comfortable and looks consistently vibrant. At the same time, all of our formulations are blended to create a balancing effect for the being as a whole, in body, mind and spirit.


How can I tell if my skincare products are effectively protecting my skin from sun damage?

You'll notice less, or ideally no, redness and irritation after sun exposure. Our moisturizing crèmes help nourish and seal in moisture. When paired with physical sun barriers like hats and sunglasses and mineral sunscreen every day, they provide a comprehensive approach to sun care.


How does the shelf life of a skincare product affect its efficacy?

The effectiveness of skincare products is closely linked to their freshness. Products with natural ingredients are most potent when used within their designated shelf life.  

We utilize a food-grade preservative system to ensure products remain potent for 9 months after opening. We recommend using the formulas within 8-12 weeks of opening, ensuring maximum benefit from their active, natural ingredients.


What are the most effective natural ingredients in skincare?

The botanical world is a treasure trove of potent ingredients for every skin type. Among Tammy’s favorite choices is essence of Rose, celebrated for its hydrating and rejuvenating properties, as well as its mood-boosting effects. 

She also cherishes Helichrysum, known for its restorative and soothing benefits, and Frankincense, which she relies on for its ability to slow the effects of aging, while White Lily is loved for its skin-soothing and protective properties. Discover these beautiful ingredients and more in each of our uniquely active, proprietary blends.

How can I layer my skincare products to increase efficiency?

Layering skincare products effectively enhances their benefits. After cleansing, apply a floral tonic to hydrate and prepare the skin. Follow with an ultra-concentrated treatment serum which deeply penetrates below the skin’s surface to deliver active ingredients. 

Conclude with a moisturizing crème to bring a boost of essential nutrients to the skin while sealing in the serum's benefits and maintaining hydration. This sequence maximizes absorption and reinforces your skin's protective barrier, ensuring each product performs at its best.


How long does it take to see if a skincare product is working?

When you start using anti aging formulas or begin a new skincare routine, the timeline for seeing visible results can vary, but typically, it takes about six weeks to observe noticeable changes. This period allows the skin to undergo a full renewal cycle, giving time for active ingredients to work effectively.


How can I care for acne-prone skin without harsh ingredients?

While ingredients like salicylic acid are known for targeting breakouts, gentler alternatives, can be more effective over the long term for acne-prone skin. These alternatives focus on balancing oily skin and gently exfoliating to remove dead skin cells, thus preventing clogged pores. 

When treating acne-prone and blemished skin, lifestyle factors also matter. We encourage looking at patterns of diet, sleep and stress to support re-balancing the skin. 

Our herbal remedies for acne and blemishes encourage the skin’s healthy equilibrium, helping to avoid the potential for over-drying or irritation.

We invite you to explore our FAQ page for more answers to skin care questions about our range. 

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