Purifying vs Clarifying Skincare

This exploration into purifying vs clarifying skincare highlights the subtle difference between the two and offers guidance in choosing the right path for your skin's unique needs.

What is Clarifying Skin Care?

Clarifying skincare focuses on deeply cleansing the skin to remove excess oils and any build-up in order to bring balance and clarity to the complexion.  

Ingredients celebrated for their ability to penetrate deep into the skin, gently exfoliate, and encourage oil balance play a key role in clarifying formulas. 

Lemon Peel Water, a natural astringent, Peppermint Leaf Water for balancing oil production, and Thyme, with its purifying essence, are examples.Tea Tree Leaf Oil also supports skin clarification; addressing blemishes while Rosemary Leaf Oil gently curbs excess oil.

Within our collection, Clarifying Dermagel embodies the essence of clarifying skincare. This innovative, lightweight gel is a natural solution for blemish-prone complexions, harnessing the antiseptic properties of herbal remedies like Thyme, Tea Tree, and Myrrh. 

Beautifully balanced, hydration is maintained with Aloe, to ensure that the skin's natural barrier remains intact, protecting against dehydration and further breakouts.

With its gentle, soothing touch, this formula  helps clarify the skin without overworking or overdrying it, unlike some strong beta hydroxy acid formulas which can strip away protective natural oils. 

What is Purifying Skin Care?

Purifying skincare centers on detoxification and rejuvenation. These formulas focus on removing surface impurities, pollutants, and potential toxins, combatting dullness and skin fatigue. All skin types, including sensitive skin,  may benefit from purification, especially if you live in an urban or polluted environment.

Ingredients notable for their wonderful ability to purify and refresh the skin include Fo-Ti, a soothing detoxifier, while Rosemary Leaf Water brings its natural antiseptic properties, ensuring a deep, refreshing cleanse.

Great Burdock Root Extract is celebrated for its powerful detoxifying effects while Lavender Oil offers a dual benefit of calming and purifying the skin. Spearmint Leaf Oil also offers a cooling and cleansing sensation, perfect for thorough purification. 

Purifying Cleansing Gel is Tammy’s summer go-to cleanser, so refreshing after a hot day. An energizing formula with Spearmint and Alfalfa Leaf, this purifying favorite is designed to cleanse oily or overactive skin thoroughly. The result is a refreshingly pure cleansing experience and smooth, soft skin–chill for an extra exhilarating cleansing routine.

For deep purifying and detoxification, Purifying Luculent Masque is our powerhouse formula. Its clay base helps lift away impurities while an array of ancient detoxifying herbal remedies from Fo-Ti to Great Burdock cleanse skin’s deeper levels, estoring clarity and vitality to the skin. 

Clarifying vs. Purifying — What’s the Difference?

Exploring purifying vs clarifying skincare  we understand both serve to cleanse the skin but with subtle differences. Clarifying products are especially adept at targeting blemishes, reducing excess oil, and gently exfoliating away dead skin cells with a more intensive cleansing action. 

Purifying products are specifically designed to remove surface impurities, providing a detoxifying effect that rejuvenates tired or stressed skin.The active ingredients in these formulas refresh and revitalize the complexion, supporting the maintenance of a healthy, energized appearance.

Choosing the Right Skin Care for Your Needs

Choosing between purifying vs clarifying care, or opting to use both, depends on your skin’s needs. For oily and acne prone skin you’ll find a clarifying cleanser to be beneficial. If your skin feels dull or in need of a refresh, purifying products may suit you best. Both types of formulas may be used in conjunction for comprehensive results, particularly for blemish prone, congested, over-active and oily complexions. 

Whether you are clarifying or purifying your skin, introducing award-winning Epi-Peel to your routine can bring greater results. Epi-Peel gently exfoliates, removing dead skin cells and revealing a polished, luminous complexion, while helping to minimize the appearance of  fine lines. 

Tammy recommends using a gommage technique to remove Epi Peel, whisking away the dried clay base, which bonds to dead surface cells, excess oils and potential toxins from the skin, with a whisk of the fingertips. The process leaves the complexion remarkably soft, supple and fresh.

For an extremely gentle but thorough cleanse, blend a small dab of exfoliating Epi-Peel into your favorite cleanser—for example, Cleansing Milk—creating an extra-gentle scrub. Use a circular gentle massaging motion to encourage circulation and remove with a warm cloth.

To meet your deep purifying and detoxification goals, tryPurifying Luculent Masque. For extra soothing comfort, especially on overstimulated skin, chill the masque in the fridge or a cool bowl before applying. A small stone, marble, or ceramic bowl, like a classic mortar, is ideal.

Each of these carefully chosen natural remedies will work well in synergy with good rest, low stress and a diet that includes healthy, whole foods in order to guide your skin to a fresh, uplifted, and radiant state. 

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