Honoring our Living Source, the EARTH

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“Earth Day” has only been around a short time (first celebrated in 1970) but has quickly given rise to the opportunity for increased awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s immeasurable value to our existence.  We cannot live without her and her life-giving and sustaining ways of nurturing all beings.  We use “Earth Day” as a reminder that we are all accountable for the health and vitality of our planet – all 7 billion of us – every day, with every choice.  Live this week in reverence for our beautiful, amazing Earth and see what comes up – how are your choices and actions affected? Here I share with you some of my guiding thoughts as I approach this week with deep gratitude and respect….

All beings, the Earth and the entire universe are inexorably connected; spiritually as well as physically, all being from One Source, we arrive at the understanding that we are undeniably linked to every form of life – human, animal, plant. The Earth is a spiritual being, a living organism, just as we are; this spiritual significance and presence is found in all living things – in every leaf, every blade of grass, every breeze, every rock, every mineral, every drop of rain and every ray of sunshine. Head into the world this week (and every week!) with the reminder that we are vast, interconnected, vibrating energetic beings with the ability to create positive influence through our daily thoughts and actions when they come from a place of pure consciousness – a place of remembering Our Source and that we are ALL ONE. 

Above all else take time to see, feel, and connect with the beauty and magic of all living things. Be kind, compassionate and respectful to all…embrace your natural surroundings and give gratitude to the living vibration that sings through each of us.

And don’t forget to take action!  Dive into your habitual, unconscious behaviors and see what you can change to show greater love to the Earth that nurtures you.

 1.  Truly be diligent about recycling – if you already do it at home, implement a system in your workplace and hold each other accountable for following through. We use 100% recyclable glass for all of our products – put them in your bin at home or bring them back to us – and know that your efforts make a difference.

2.       Eat a plant based diet. It takes a lot of energy and natural resources to process animal-based foods.  The Earth and your body will thank you!

3.       Plant an herb garden.  Start with several pots, organic soil & seeds.  Pick your favorites – some of mine include rosemary, spearmint, basil and parsley.  You will be bringing new life and oxygen into the world!

4.       Turn off your lights, computers, electronics. Unplug your kitchen appliances – only draw from energy sources as they are needed. 

5.       Change your transportation – can you walk or ride your bike?  Enjoy (and save) nature by replacing your habitual car trip with another option.  Carpool whenever you can.

6.       Bring your own bags anytime you shop (for food, clothes, etc).  Our local supermarket is going to transition away from providing plastic/paper bags all together and our community is 100% supportive.

7.       Stop drinking from water bottles.   Get an at-home filter and glass bottles that can be reused/refilled. Get one at work, too!

8.       Buy natural, organic, safe (food, cosmetics, cleaning agents).

9.       Unsubscribe from junk mail. Go paperless whenever possible. 

10.   Be a good role model.  People respond to actions – make sure yours are in alignment with what you value most and those behaviors will shine through to others! 



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