Everyday Happiness

So many traditions choose this time of year to honor and acknowledge our happiness by gathering together in celebration of life. It’s a time that draws family and friends near, and reminds us to treasure what’s most important. It gives us a reason to eat, drink and be merry, to give gifts to one another, and to see the brighter side. And in spending time doing what we all love best, it brings an unstoppable momentum to the start of the upcoming year.

What a restoration! Cherishing these special days together fills the spirit, brings peace to the mind, and allows the body sweet relaxation. As I move through this season I love to savor the small moments of everyday happiness, those that simply seem to shine with the warm candlelight of winter.

Wherever and whenever we can, let’s spread a mounting sense of  the season’s luminous joy, the steadfast, quiet happiness that fuels our inner glow all year round.  As we all know, a single candle can in turn light many, and our shining, divine happiness is made to be shared.

From all of us at Tammy Fender, may your days be merry and bright!

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