What is the difference between face toner & liquid exfoliant?


While they might seem similar, toner and liquid exfoliants have distinct and purposeful roles. We explore the often asked question: what is the difference between face toner and liquid exfoliant? 


Toners are used after cleansing to gently rebalance the skin. They help in refining pores, balancing the skin, and preparing the skin to absorb subsequent products like serums and moisturizers more effectively. Be mindful in your selection and choose hydrating toners and floral water. Toners with an alcohol base can be drying, which can weaken the skin’s natural protective barrier.  

On the other hand, liquid exfoliants, acting as a chemical exfoliator, work at a deeper level to  remove dead skin cells; refreshing the skin and encouraging renewal. These formulas include alpha hydroxy acids, like glycolic acid, or stronger beta hydroxy acids like salicylic acid to exfoliate the skin.

From a holistic perspective, however, Tammy works with botanical ingredients with natural exfoliating capacities. Using a liquid exfoliant can lead to sensitivity and overworking the skin.

You’ll discover exceptional all-natural, plant-based formulas for toning and exfoliating in our collection. First, our floral tonics, unlike alcohol-based types of toners, are formulated to respect and enhance the skin's pH and support hydration, never drying or overstripping the skin. 

While these beautiful floral toners balance and prepare the skin, offering a pure experience of some of nature’s most potent herbal remedies, which toners like witch hazel may not provide. 

Made with the precious essence of Rose, our Bulgarian Rose Water reawakens the complexion, imparting a soft, dewy radiance and helping restore depleted skin. It's particularly cherished by those with dehydrated, mature, or sensitive skin, but the gentle, hydrating properties of this aromatic floral water are perfect for all skin types. Use cotton pads to apply to the skin, or simply spritz.

Roman Chamomile Tonic is so gentle for the skin with its calming and restorative qualities. Ideal for irritated, sensitive, or dry complexions, the light floral water formulation not only soothes the skin but calms the mind, making it a perfect formula to end a long day.

With an invigorating trio of citrus essences – Bergamot, Orange Peel, and Grapefruit – Essential C Tonic is an exhilarating blend. Infused with Ginseng and bursting with Vitamin C , it brightens and revitalizes the complexion. Oily, combination, or acne-prone skin benefits from its refreshing touch, yet with its uplifting aroma, it's formulated to bring joy and balance to every skin type. 

Each of our floral tonics is a sensory experience, thoughtfully created to harmonize with both the skin and spirit. They invite you to pause, breathe, and connect with yourself, all while nurturing your skin with their gentle, natural benefits.

However,  liquid exfoliants and exfoliating toners aren't the only blends that  awaken and rejuvenate the complexion. Our clay-based treatment mask formulas turn the practice of gentle exfoliation into a spa-like ritual; a time of renewal, lifting away the old and welcoming a newfound clarity and vitality to your skin

Epi-Peel, our award-winning micro-exfoliator and facial mask, brings together Far West Native Spearmint, Moroccan Rosemary, and Kaolin Clay in a loving synergy. This special blend serves as a gentle exfoliator and natural peel, illuminating and refining your complexion with each application.

Another exquisite choice is our Purifying Luculent Masque. This clay-based face mask is infused with a rich array of herbal remedies, including Fo-Ti and Great Burdock, in a base of Illite clay, offering a deep cleanse while honoring the skin’s natural rhythm. You may choose to exfoliate 2 -3  times a week, depending on your skin type to encourage a fresh, replenished appearance without over stimulating the skin. 

Whether it's the daily nurturing touch of our tonics or the transformative renewal of exfoliation, understanding the difference between face toner and liquid exfoliant can serve to guide your routine accordingly and encourage a luminous, healthy skin tone.

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