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With the baby mangoes budding on the trees, and the bees out and buzzing, we can sleep with our windows open at night and it’s just a spectacular time of year here in South Florida—and everywhere. My friends further north say winter’s almost gone. In the west, I hear, the desert blooms are glorious. And in all these ways we can experience nature so intimately. In April, it’s easy and sweet to feel our deeper connection to everything that’s wild and wonderful.

In honoring that loving relationship to the Earth this month, you might plant fresh seeds, take a long walk in a local nature preserve or join in with others in volunteering to clean up a local beach. But, truly, no matter what inspires you, it’s about celebrating spring, and our beautiful planet, with intention and gratitude.

For me, the garden calls. I love the fragrance of my Almond Bush, Jasmine, Mimosa and Lavender. I’m careful about picking the flowers, but find so much joy just sitting in the gardens with my family, taking in the beauty and the aroma and watching the bees, butterflies and the occasional humming birds. We’ve planted so many young fruit trees of late—from Sapodilla trees to Star Fruit to Pink Grapefruit to Barbados Cherry and Mulberry trees—and the experience of nurturing these young ones has also made me feel extra grateful towards all the plants that blossom and bloom so easily here. And it’s sparked an upwelling of gratitude for the many farmers who work so hard to nurture the traditional plant remedies that go into our skincare formulations. I hope you can feel that care coming through in every blend.

In every direction, there is so much to be thankful for. I invite you to join me this month in celebrating Earth Day, during this most incredible time of year.

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