Anyone who gardens will tell you—it never gets old. Finding yourself reflected in the nuance of each season--the first spring buds, the first fresh herbs in the market, the first dinner outdoors—is one of the true joys of living in connection with the earth’s cycles of rebirth.  

One of the herbal remedies that best exemplifies spring’s sense of resilience and rejuvenation is White Lily, which is also one of my absolute favorite ingredients to use in my formulas. In traditional herbalism, White Lily was used to treat burns, and it has a supremely nurturing effect that helps relieve all forms of stress. It almost dissolves irritation on contact. At the same time, however, White Lily is protective, and in a blend like Plant Milk Serum, not only does it soothe redness, but it shields skin with a dewy hydrating veil that leaves the skin feeling so soft.  

In many spiritual traditions, White Lily represents the energies of purity, rebirth and new beginnings. If you have the chance this month, invite White Lily to join your own Spring awakening, whether you encounter that seasonal vibration when applying Plant Milk Serum or meditating with cut flowers. White Lily is a natural conduit to the season’s fresh vibration, opening into the moment, healing what is past, and nurturing what is tender, new and bright.


Our Limited Edition Travel Set, packaged in a gorgeously unique Julia Amory cosmetic bag, makes a very chic traveling companion. The Soothing Set nurtures skin while you’re on the road with calming Roman Chamomile Tonic, nourishing Plant Milk Serum and everyone’s favorite, Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil.  


As you transition into spring, attune to your body’s cravings, for more rest, or more movement, more fresh vegetables or more time to explore creativity. What is awakening for you, and how will you honor the season? In Ayurvedic practice, spring is a time to replace heavier foods that are oily, sour or sweet with those that are bitter, spicy, drier and light. This gives the digestive system a rest, which can reboot your energy and have a beautiful effect on the skin. 


If you’re the kind of person who loves a journaling prompt, it can be so rewarding to attune to the seasons for your cues. What’s opening? What’s blooming for you? In which areas of your life are you feeling renewal? How would you describe the perfect spring day? What do you appreciate most about the season? 


Lightening up your spring routine, Plant Milk Serum offers a silky layer of protection and a healthy hydrating boost without the weight. It’s important to bolster your skin barrier with nutritive extracts that can support the cells defending skin against the elements, preventing dryness and inflammation. As the season heats up, and as you spend more time outdoors, this loving care helps skin stay strong and stress-free.

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