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Anoint the skin with two opulent formulas of unsurpassed beauty, both made with precious essence of Bulgarian Rose, the rarest of plant remedies. An extraordinary cellular rejuvenator, Rose also boasts the highest vibrational frequency of all the essences, and is legendary for its divine healing capacities.

These treasured formulas work in harmony to optimize the curative effects of Bulgarian Rose, known for its rapid stimulation of cellular repair and for its capacity to instill a deep sense of loving harmony. This luxuriant pairing nourishes the skin and supports renewal, harnessing the energetic potency, allure and tender purity of the Rose. 

Très Rose Body Gel: A soothing body wash that’s gentle and refined, imparting all the beauty of pure essence of Bulgarian Rose, and leaving the skin enveloped in soft freshness. 

Très Rose Body Oil: A luxuriant body oil, blended with rare essence of Bulgarian Rose, the most exquisite of plant remedies, restoring and nourishing skin with tender purity. Essence of Pure Rose boasts over 300 curative properties, capturing the highest energetic vibrations in every drop, and re-harmonizing the immune and nervous systems.

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