Winter Skin Care for Different Skin Types

When cooler winter weather arrives, our skin often feels the change. The season's cold, dry air, coupled with windy days and cozy indoor heating, draws moisture away from the skin.  We can turn to nature's own remedies for winter skin care  to lavish the skin with the extra attention and care it may need during the colder months.

Over all, winter months often leave the complexion feeling parched and tighter than usual which may lead to  dry, flaky skin. This time of year can also disrupt the skin barrier– even skin types not generally prone to sensitivity may become more reactive with a tendency towards redness or discomfort. 

It’s a gentle nudge for us to lavish more care on the skin, leaning into hydrating and calming treatments that help maintain skin’s natural radiance and health in the dry winter air. 



The carefully blended plant remedies in our collection offer the skin complete, natural nourishment and support to encourage balance and hydration. Their efficacy lies in their natural composition, so there is no need for synthetic additives, and these ancient remedies promise the purest form of care during the colder months.

Two of our favorite formulas for winter weather skin are Quintessential Serum and Celestial Rose Crème. Wear them layered—serum first, or blend a drop of serum into your crème in the palm of your hand for a super-boost when you moisturize your skin.

Quintessential Serum absorbs deeply to fortify and restore the skin, while Celestial Rose Crème works like a balm, to lock in moisture and support the skin's natural surface barrier. 

Both, rich with the essence of Rose, offer more than just skin care; they provide soothing, nurturing attention to the heart, mind, and spirit.

If you're traveling to extreme winter destinations this season, whether it's to ski or explore the frosty streets of a new city, turn to Spontaneous Recovery Crème for maximum protection and recovery. Nicknamed the “Aspen crème—is radically rich, powerful enough to protect the skin no matter what the weather, with a wealth of precious curatives, from Buriti Fruit to Iris Root, it penetrates like an oil and protects like a serum.

Let’s explore how these winter favorites fit with a routine for each skin type. 


Dry Skin

Begin your winter skincare routine with Cleansing Milk, to gently cleanse while maintaining hydration, followed by Bulgarian Rose Water to balance the complexion. Treat the delicate eye area, so sensitive to winter dryness,  with Awakening Eye Gel, to help keep this area moisturized. Next, nourish deeply with several drops of precious Quintessential Serum. In the morning, layer in protection with Intensive Repair Balm and in the evening apply Celestial Rose Crème


Mature Skin

Our protocol for mature skin begins with Cleansing Milk, a nurturing start to cleanse the skin without drying. Follow with Bulgarian Rose Water, to tone, refresh and deliver a burst of hydration to the skin. Ultra-nourishing Awakening Eye Gel is ideal to soothe and quench tired eyes. Our ultra-concentrated Quintessential Serum is your next step, providing a wealth of nutrients to combat dry winter air.

Moisturize with Spontaneous Recovery Crème in the morning for its hydrating and protective qualities. At night, allow Celestial Rose Crème to support the skin's natural repair processes.


Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin types appreciate the gentle touch of fragrance free formulations and soothing natural herbal remedies, especially during winter. 

Soothing Cleansing Milk is ideal for a non-irritating cleanse, followed by the calming Roman Chamomile Tonic. This light, soothing floral water has the capacity to calm and restore the skin with gentle hydration, keeping the skin’s comfort in check.

Address the eye area with our gentle Awakening Eye Gel and provide overall treatment with Plant Milk Serum, formulated with Mountain Arnica and White Lily to soothe and calm even the most sensitive complexions. Plant Milk Serum is a winter favorite, especially for sensitive skin. Its soothing blend is like a gentle reassurance against the cold, offering protection and peace for the skin.

In the morning, apply Intensive Repair Balm for protective hydration and in the evening, switch to Spontaneous Recovery Crème  for its restorative properties. 


Combination and Oily Skin

For those with combination or oily skin, winter care involves a careful balance. Purifying Cleansing Gel and Essential C Tonic provide just the right touch – effective cleansing without going overboard, keeping skin clear and feeling just right. Nourish the eye area with Awakening Eye Gel and address active blemishes with Clarifying Dermagel, our spot-treatment. Luminous Morning Crème is the best moisturizer for optimally hydrating skin in the morning, and in the evening use Celestial Rose Créme to  restore the complexion.

When spending long days in the  wintery outdoors, be mindful of UV rays. These rays are ever-present and even on overcast days they can still impact the skin.  For a day outdoors wee suggest mineral sunscreen be your preferred choice of extra UV protection in a winter skin care routine.

Embracing the rituals of winter skincare, choose lukewarm water rather than hot water when cleansing your skin. While the warmth feels comforting against the chill, hot water can strip away natural oils, leaving your skin feeling drier. It's a subtle shift, but opting for lukewarm water preserves your skin's moisture, keeping it soft and well-balanced. 

Whenever you can, it's great to nurture winter skin by drinking more water and eating food that are deliciously high in essential fatty acids, like avocado. 

Nutrient-dense foods can deeply enrich our skin, providing the necessary building blocks to maintain its health and glow. By combining these internal wellness practices with natural skincare products, we create a comprehensive protocol that resonates with the season’s rhythm, promising a radiant and nurtured complexion throughout the winter weather. 

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