Which Moisturizer Is Right For Me?

Which moisturizer is right for me? In our guide, we invite you to understand your skin type, listen to its cues, and select a moisturizer that harmonizes with its nature. Whether your skin is balanced, dry, sensitive, combination, oily, or maturing, our collection offers a perfect companion, ensuring that your skin is nurtured exactly in the way that meets its needs in every moment of your day.


Skin is a reflection of our life's rhythms – it may change with seasons but also in response to our lifestyle, diet, stress levels, and travel experiences.

Listen to your skin's subtle cues. This intuitive approach is key in selecting the perfect moisturizing crème that resonates with your skin's unique journey through the days and seasons.

Our holistic formulations are designed to bring the skin into overall balance. Whether your skin calls for lightweight protection and nourishment, intense hydration, a mega-dose of essential healing nutrients, solace from irritation or addressing congestion concerns, you'll discover a perfect match in our collection. 

A deep understanding of your skin type may act as a foundational guide for your selection of moisturizer. Let’s explore further. 


Know Your Skin Type

Those with normal skin, maintaining a balance without excessive oiliness or dryness, will find harmony in Luminous Morning Crème for the day. 

Luminous Morning Creme has a featherweight texture and an uplifting, invigorating effect that makes it just right for morning time. Celestial Rose Crème offers soothing Manuka Honey Helichrysum and restorative and rejuvenating Rose Chamomile, which can help benefit the skin during the night, when skin is in repair mode.

Dry skin, marked by tightness and flakiness, is soothed and hydrated with the supportive combination of Intensive Repair Balm, which is blended with soothing Helichrysum and White Lily, in the daytime and Celestial Rose Crème at night.

Sensitive skin, often disturbed with redness and irritation, benefits from Spontaneous Recovery Crème's protective qualities in the morning, while Celestial Rose Crème provides gentle care in the evening. Combination skin, balancing an oily T-zone and drier cheeks, can rely on Luminous Morning Crème for daily balance and Celestial Rose Crème for nocturnal harmony.

Those with oily skin or acne prone skin, seeking to curb shine and excessive oil production, find Luminous Morning Crème ideal for both morning and evening, ensuring hydration without excess oiliness. For mature skin, displaying signs of aging and dryness, the hydrating effect of Spontaneous Recovery Crème suits the day, while Celestial Rose Crème's rejuvenating properties are supportive for an evening skin care routine.

While honoring your skin type, also be intuitive about your skin's evolving needs. Skin cell turnover occurs every 6 weeks, and seasonal or lifestyle shifts have a great influence on your skin’s rhythm. Listen to what your skin is telling you. This mindful approach allows it to receive the attention it needs perfectly at the time. 

If you use sunscreen, please allow your moisturizing crème to absorb for ten minutes before applying your moisturizer, following with appropriate sun protection (many choose SPF 30).


Cream, Lotion or Ointment?

Exploring the different types of moisturizers, lotions are typically lighter and more fluid. Plant Milk Serum is a silky emulsion of pure botanical ingredients that is easily absorbed and may be preferred to normal to slightly dry skin types. You can layer your moisturizer over Plant Milk Serum for extra protection. 

Ointments, on the other hand, are thicker and more emollient. They are designed for more intense moisturization, often used to treat extremely dry or damaged skin. While not an ointment, our most requested formula, Intensive Repair Balm, is an intensively hydrating moisturizer blending the most powerful regeneratives in the botanical world, and is designed to treat damaged skin. We have found that it serves the skin as well–or better–than an ointment, protecting and nurturing even the most depleted skin.

Crèmes, the heart of our moisturizing collection, are versatile, offering hydration and rich nourishment. This makes them suitable for a wide range of skin types and goals, including bringing balance, restoration, and soothing the complexion, while  increasing hydration . For those in pursuit of anti-aging benefits, our moisturizing crèmes are the best choice


What To Look For

Choose plant-based  formulations that align with your skin's natural processes and enhance its health and vitality. Our philosophy centers on the nurturing power of herbal remedies and the efficacy of plant-based ingredients.

Facial moisturizers infused with plant oils derived from seeds, fruits, or nuts can supplement and complement your skin's natural oils. Fortifying and replenishing the natural lipids, skin barrier health and resilience is perfectly supported. 

Essential fatty acids provided by these potent natural remedies offer reparative and protective benefits while a well-balanced formula will unite humectants, such as hyaluronic acid to attract moisture, emollients, to smooth and soften the skin, and occlusives, to create a protective layer to lock in moisture keeping skin lusciously nourished.


What To Avoid When Choosing A Moisturizer

We’ve explored what to look for when selecting a moisturizer for your skin but what should you avoid? Be mindful of a formula's composition and how the ingredients may interact with your skin. 

For sensitive skin, artificial fragrances can lead to irritation and discomfort. Preferring fragrance free options or those with subtle scents derived from plant-based sources can be kinder for your skin's wellbeing. We never use parabens, chemicals, artificial colors or fragrances in our formulas.

For those with oily and acne-prone skin, be discerning about ingredients that may clog pores. Rich oils such as coconut oil, specific silicones including dimethicone, and petroleum-based elements can intensify pore congestion, potentially leading to breakouts. Choose mindfully to ensure your moisturizer nourishes without overwhelming your skin, maintaining its natural clarity and radiance.

If you need further guidance to answer the question, which moisturizer is right for me?–we are here for you. We love to work one-on-one with clients to create a protocol just for you.

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