Where do I Use Face Oil in my Routine?

"Where do I use face oil in my routine?" is a question often asked  in our treatment rooms. Let us guide you through the perfect layering process and formula selection from our collection, ensuring your skin reaps the full benefits of these nurturing botanical elixirs.

Where do I use face oil in my routine?

To create a harmonious skincare sequence, first apply a floral tonic, follow with a facial oil or oil-based serum, then moisturize with a moisturizing crème. This ensures deeper absorption of the serum’s nutrients, especially when followed by a crème to seal in moisture and provide added protection. We'll explore the layering technique with our collection further along in more detail. 

Finding the right face oil for your skin type

Within the collection, our award-winning face oil Quintessential Serum and celebrated Plant Milk Serum are both enriched with an exquisite blend of botanical oils; cherished for their supportive, radiance enhancing qualities. 

The nourishment of botanical oils in our blends offers a more profound and restorative experience for the skin than many other serums, which are water-based products.

Plant Milk Serum, with its nurturing blend of Avocado, Sunflower Seed, Sweet Almond, and Rosehip Seed Oils, imparts a soothing embrace for a sensitive skin type, calming and comforting the complexion with every application.

Quintessential Serum, a harmonious blend that incorporates both Frankincense and precious Rose, is a gift to all skin types, particularly mature and dry complexions seeking hydration and renewal. This serum, brimming with the essence of nature’s most treasured oils, imparts a luminous vitality to the skin.

What are the benefits of using a face oil in your skincare routine?

Carefully chosen facial oil blends offer a spectrum of support, as each oil brings a unique profile of nutrients and essential fatty acids to enhance skin health and overall radiance. Plant oils replace and balance the skin’s natural oils to counteract lipid loss where skin has been overworked, is naturally dry, or mature. 

Quintessential Serum is a sublime blend of two of the most precious oils; Rose and Frankincense. Rose oil is celebrated for its hydrating and rejuvenating properties, beautifully suited to mature and dry skin. Frankincense, adored for its toning and purifying benefits, supports in refining the skin's texture and imbuing it with clarity.

Plant Milk Serum is also wonderfully supportive for all skin types, and particularly sensitive skin, with an exceptional blend of plant oils. Avocado Oil is incredibly adept in moisturizing your skin, while Sweet Almond Oil gently soothes and improves skin tone. Rejuvenating Rosehip Seed Oil is supportive in the journey toward improved skin texture, softening fine lines and helping to shield against the damage of free radicals. The presence of Evening Primrose Oil promotes a calm complexion, supporting the strengthening of the skin barrier.

When should I apply facial oil?

Where do I use face oil in my routine? Let’s answer this with each step of a complete skin care routine, including serums and supportive skin care products from our collection. We will share one of Tammy’s favorite protocols below.

First, awaken your skin with Bulgarian Rose Water, a floral tonic that refreshes and prepares your complexion. Follow with Awakening Eye Gel, a luxuriously hydrating eye cream, infused with ancient plant remedies, perfect to soothe and quench tired eyes. Then, nourish with a choice of Quintessential Serum or Plant Milk Serum, each offering a gift of botanical oils for deep rejuvenation. To revive the complexion between work and an evening out, we also recommend a touch-up application of Quintessential Serum.

Moisturizing in the final step in your skincare routine which serves to seal in these benefits. Choose between  Celestial Rose Crème for a nourishing finish ideal for mature skin,  Luminous Morning Crème  for a lighter touch, especially suited for blemish-prone, oily or combination skin or Intensive Repair Balm, our best-selling formula, perfect for every skin type and especially loved by fragile or damaged complexions, sealing in moisture with a dewy, protective veil. 

This harmonious sequence promises that your skin is lovingly cared for at every step while ensuring the efficiency of each formula. 

How to apply face oil?

Begin by warming one or two drops of precious Quintessential Serum between your fingertips, awakening its essence. Then, gently apply face oil to your cleansed face and neck, pressing serum into the skin with your fingertips, starting from the center of your face and working outwards and upwards. The gentle pressing motion allows the serum to deeply penetrate the skin.

When applying Plant Milk Serum, use gentle circular motions, massaging into the skin to activate micro-circulation. Finish by sweeping out from the corners of the eyes and down towards the earlobe to activate lymphatic drainage.

You may enhance the experience when you apply oils by incorporating a quartz 

Gua Sha. This traditional practice not only aids in deeper absorption of our treatment serums but also stimulates circulation. The gentle pressure of the Gua Sha when you apply face oil helps increase oxygenation and vitality, encouraging lymphatic drainage, and sculpting the contours of your face. 

By thoughtfully layering—from tonics to oils and crèmes—each product synergizes to nourish, protect, and illuminate your skin, leaving it perfectly cared for and radiantly healthy.

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