What Does a Serum Do?

"What does a serum do?" is a question our clients often ask in the treatment room. As we explore the types of serums and their benefits, we'll share how our plant-based formulations are specifically designed to nurture, restore, and illuminate your skin, leveraging the potent healing power of nature.


What Is a Face Serum & What Does a Serum Do?

Serums are concentrated formulations that deliver a high dose of active ingredients to the  skin. Designed to penetrate deeply, serum benefits are versatile and, depending on the formula, may help to brighten, hydrate, or diminish signs of aging. When these serums are plant-based, they bring with them the purity and potency of nature, free from synthetic additives that can disrupt the skin's natural balance.

Using plant-based serums as part of your skin care routine directly awakens your body's natural healing capacities. These skin care products are crafted from the earth's most potent botanicals, harnessing the life force of plants to nourish, rejuvenate, and balance your skin in the most natural way possible. Plant remedies are incredibly effective because they work in harmony with the body's own processes, supporting and enhancing your skin's ability to heal and renew itself.


What’s The Difference Between Serums, Concentrates & Facial Oils?

Serums are formulations designed to deliver a higher concentration of active ingredients, than a crème or balm, deep into the layers of skin tissue. They're the heavy lifters, targeting specific skin concerns like hydration, aging, or brightness. Concentrates might sound like similar skincare products, and they are, in that they also deliver highly concentrated actives, but they're often used for more targeted concerns and may have a thicker texture.

Facial oils, on the other hand, provide a rich source of nourishment and hydration, primarily through their composition of essential fatty acids that reinforce the skin's lipid barrier. These oils are deeply moisturizing and protective, making them ideal for strengthening and healing the skin.

Each plays their unique role, yet the lines between them can sometimes blur, especially when we infuse them with the potent life force of botanicals. 

We see this with Quintessential Serum, not your traditional water based serum, but a harmonious blend of botanical oils. This oil-based elixir penetrates deeply, penetrating to deliver rich nutrients to the skin's layers for profound nourishment, imbuing it with a radiant, dewy glow and gently diminishing signs of fine lines and wrinkles.. Its versatility lies in its ability to hydrate like an oil but act with the targeted purpose of a serum, showcasing the remarkable adaptability and effectiveness of plant-based skincare solutions.


How Do I Know Which Serum to Use When?

Understanding the unique requirements of your skin type and your unique skin issues will guide you towards the face serum that will best harmonize with your needs.

Tammy loves to alternate between Plant Milk Serum and Quintessential Serum, two powerfully nourishing formulas that bring a glow to the skin in two very different ways. This combination brings the complexion in sync with the body’s circadian rhythms.

MORNING: Plant Milk Serum, which is a milky botanical emission, not an oil blend, nourishes and protects the skin, while bringing soothing calm to the body, mind and spirit. This light, dewy formula is nourishing and soothing, and perfect for sensitive skin types, bringing a gossamer sheen to the surface, attuning us to the day. 

EVENING: Ultra-concentrated Quintessential Serum, blended with precious essences Rose and Frankincense, brings total restoration to mature, dry, dehydrated, or normal skin types. Science has shown that skin goes into repair and rejuvenation mode at night, and our super skin serum packs everything needed for total replenishment into just a drop or two. For extra nighttime protection, blend a drop with your favorite moisturizer, or wear layered underneath.


How to Use Face Serums

For optimal absorption and efficacy, serums should be applied to clean skin before moisturizing. Imagine a serum as the soul of your skincare routine, deeply infusing your skin with nourishment before you cocoon it in the embrace of moisturizer. This is why we layer them so thoughtfully—serums, with their concentrated gifts, dive deep, while moisturizers are intended to seal and lock in hydration, lovingly creating a protective barrier on the skin's surface.

Before applying Quintessential Serum, cleanse your face thoroughly. Then, gently warm one to two precious drops of serum between your fingertips  Next press the serum into your skin. 

This method ensures that the serum's concentrated nutrients are absorbed directly into the skin. You can use Quintessential Serum alone for a potent dose of hydration and nourishment or layer it under your favorite crème for enhanced benefits. It's perfect for both morning and evening use, or anytime your skin needs a boost. For a refreshing touch-up, apply a drop to your cheekbones, brow bone, jawline, and lips. You can also mix a drop with your moisturizer to create a supercharged hydrating blend, perfect for reviving your complexion at any time of day.

For Plant Milk Serum, after cleansing, massage the milky emulsion into your skin. This not only helps with absorption but also activates micro-circulation, enhancing oxygenation and vitality of the skin, which is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin types. Finish the application by sweeping outwards from the corners of the eyes towards the earlobes. Plant Milk Serum can be worn alone for a light, protective layer or underneath a moisturizer like Intensive Repair Balm to further lock in moisture and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier.

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