I like to remind myself, as we enter autumn’s busy excitement, the more deeply rooted you are, the further you can grow and expand. By staying grounded, I find there are many ways to carry summer’s sense of expansion and wonder into a time when the pace quickens. Restorative yoga helps, slowing down and moving through the body, as does creating mindful pauses throughout the day, those little moments when you can simply breathe deeply outdoors. 

The best way to tap into this grounding energy, however, is by starting the day with a morning routine that anchors your intentions for the day ahead. Adding grounding herbs like Tulsi, Chamomile or Passionflower to your morning tea is supportive. Right now, as I prepare my skin for cooler, drier weather, I’m leaning into formulas like Roman Chamomile Tonic and Plant Milk Serum. Both are abundant in nature’s most soothing remedies, those that calm and nurture the skin, but also bring ease to the mind and spirit. (I’ll share my protocol below!)

I hope you’ll enjoy the season ahead all the more for being present to every bright moment.

For both morning and evening Tammy loves a three step protocol to transition skin to a cooler, drier season while restoring calmness and ease to the mind and spirit. Sweep a pad with Roman Chamomile Tonic over the complexion to soothe skin, boosting hydration. Follow with a light layer of Plant Milk Serum, to nourish the skin with Milk Thistle and protective White Lily. For extra dry or depleted skin, layer in Intensive Repair Balm, blended with Helichrysum and Lotus Leaf to replenish and restore radiance.

Some of Tammy’s favorite practices that support grounding into a new season include walking barefoot on the earth, meditating in nature, using abhyanga self-massage with Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil and facial massage with Plant Milk Serum.  


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