The Power of Gratitude

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The power of gratitude is so strong that teams of scientists are working hard to document its effects. New studies have shown that practicing gratitude every day lessens anxiety and depression and improves the quality of our sleep, demonstrating that grateful people sleep longer and deeper, and wake up feeling more refreshed. Not only do those who practice thankfulness feel happier and less lonely, researchers at the University of California have also found that practicing gratitude can strengthen the immune system and lower blood pressure. Just two months of keeping a gratitude journal, where study participants simply listed five things they were thankful for each week, brought measurable improvements. It does wonders for your health, well-being and—yes, even for your skin!
There are so many ways to say thank you, and the holiday season is the perfect time to start. During a family gathering you could find some small way to thank each one of your family members. Or why not take a moment to ask friends what they are most grateful for? As one researcher put it, gratitude is the emotion that friendships are made of. It’s what happens when someone does something that causes you to realize that you matter more to that person than you thought you did. And it feels so right.
When I take a quiet moment to reflect on gratitude, I realize that I am thankful for so much this year, including the wonderful, ongoing support of our clients at Tammy Fender Holistic Skin Care. What am I grateful for? For one thing, I’m grateful for you.




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