That early summer feeling is full of expansion, as the days lengthen out and the flowers come into bloom. With the right intention, it’s easier to connect with the feeling of bright ease and possibility in the early morning light. This time of year is nourishment for the soul, filling us up with every good thing—the freshest farmers market finds, precious hours spent with family and friends, the excitement of travel to new and old places. 

I want to stay present for each and every moment and love to incorporate citrus into my skincare routine, not only to support my skin beautifully, but to help me awaken to the season’s promise. Luminous Morning Crème especially was formulated for this time. It’s blended with Baobab, which brings protective essential fatty acids and antioxidants to the crème, but also uplifting essences of Neroli and Sweet Orange, which are known to instill a sense of overall well-being. That easy equanimity is something I treasure. As you find your summer flow, you may also benefit from a private session with our Holistic Wellness Specialist. I've known Georgie for years, and some of my best days have started out with one of her guided therapeutic movement and meditation sessions.  I'm thrilled that she is offering one-to-one morning appointments to support our community. 

As you step into summer, I invite you to envision your perfect summer day and create a new rhythm, one that allows you to benefit from all the opening potential of everything that the season shares. 


Swap out your winter-weight moisturizer for Luminous Morning Crème, a featherlight blend that’s perfectly hydrating without being occlusive. Formulated with essences of citrus, which contribute Vitamin C, as well as antioxidant rich Baobab, this nutritive choice also brings a little extra sun protection to your routine. 

It’s a beautiful time of year to greet the day—a simple contemplative practice that can fit into even the most busy schedule. By finding a moment to simply take in the beauty of the morning, and, at the end of the evening, to spend a moment of gratitude, you align yourself with the natural world and affirm your place in it. It’s easy to synchronize with your skincare routine. Imagine how wonderful this would feel if you opened and closed every summer day this way.

Instead of washing your skin in the morning, awaken it with a mist of hydrating Essential C Tonic. This practice helps protect the natural barrier function, especially if you’ve cleansed the skin well at night to remove makeup and sunscreen. 

Start your day Tammy's way, with a private virtual wellness session guided by our holistic specialist Georgie. Together you'll dive into practices to support your journey, from meditation to breathwork and Gua Sha to guided movement sequences designed to bring a bright summer radiance to your skin—and your days. Georgie's 25-minute morning appointments are available weekdays. Call the Spa today to book your session. 
West Palm Beach Spa 561-659-2229 or Delray Beach Spa 561-278-8111 

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