Tammy Fender + Alicia Silverstone

It has been wonderful to hear so much about Alicia Silverstone lately….there she is creating one of her amazing recipes on Oprah from her new book, The Kind Diet….and again in the pages of every coveted beauty book….and on the marquee in NYC for her role in “Time Stands Still”….not only is she an incredible actress, author and glamour siren, but she is a shining example of creating beauty from the inside out. I was thrilled to connect with Alicia when she first started using my products and expressed how much she enjoyed them and the positive effects they have on her skin – she especially touted the Epi Peel, one of my favorites, too!

“I love Tammy Fender Holistic Skincare, but especially the Epi-Peel.  It’s a great scrub, mask, and peel in one and I use it a couple of times a week!  It brightens my skin and leaves it feeling soft.  Plus the scent of rosemary, lavender, and spearmint is soothing and helps me relax.”

Alicia intoduces us to her Kind Lifer’s today on her beautiful blog,

Please visit and sign-up today for access to all her best eco-finds.

As she is an advocate of so many important causes (her veganism was sparked from her love of animals), she has now created a forum,,  where we can all access her eco-friendly tips on everything from the beauty and the delicious-ness of vegetarian food (I quench my chocolate cravings with her amazing “My Favorite Cupcakes” on page 190 of  The Kind Diet) to how we can nuture our spirits and the environment by contributing to its sustainability and healing.  Today she has dedicated her post to introducing the Tammy Fender brand to her memebers!   I am excited to actively contribute to Alicia’s new blog and share my experiences and knowledge on holistic living and how it is closely interconnected with all that Alicia is supporting and bringing an awareness to….she is an inspiration!

Find Alicia’s new book by shopping  It is a must have for all those you love (including yourself!).

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