This holiday season my heart calls out with a simple message to be the joy that you want to see. In order to cherish every precious moment with family and friends, there are some simple grounding rituals I love to do before any gathering. These include finding gratitude within myself for all of life's gifts, including the incredible plant remedies I work with every day. Attuning to the natural world all around me with a simple walk through the garden brings me into presence, as does sitting quietly with a steaming cup of herbal tea (right now I'm loving calming Tulsi Basil).

In the same way, calling intention into your skincare routine can not only polish your holiday glow, but can help your heart radiate from within. Often it's easiest to find these moments of clarity and connection when using gentle massage to wash with Cleansing Milk, or even using a Gua Sha tool with Quintessential Serum to awaken the skin before a gathering. The more loving awareness you bring to your self-care, the more happiness you'll have to share with others.

I hope that for you it will be a season rich with traditions but also fresh with new discoveries. I'm sending you all of my warm wishes for the days and weeks ahead.

Bring a gorgeous radiance to your skin with a two-step protocol to enliven and nourish your complexion. First, using the fingertips, press several drops of ultra-concentrated Quintessential Serum into the skin. Then follow with our beautiful Quartz Gua Sha tool, sculpting, and contouring underlying tissues, while re-energizing the skin. Just a few moments allows  rejuvenating Rose and reparative Frankincense to bring out your natural glow.

Our limited-edition Floral Tonic Trio offers a direct connection with some of nature's most powerful and radiant healing remedies. Gift someone you love with our versatile floral waters, which provide reviving and soothing care for the complexion throughout the day.

The Body Brilliance Trio is a luxuriant limited-edition gift set offering an immersion into holistic beauty. Complete with our award-winning Epi-Body Polish, Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil and contouring Body Gua Sha tool, this beautiful gift promises a refining, sculpting and cleansing protocol to reveal skin's exquisite radiance.

Perfect for even the most selective few on your gifting list, the limited-edition Queen of Flowers set  celebrates the Rose, a heavenly bloom that brings its rejuvenating essence to some of the collections most precious blends. This immersive sensory experience creates an experience of this ancient remedy in a whole new way, and makes a thoughtful gift like no other. 

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