Rosacea and Skin Care

Rosacea skin care invites us to lean into what truly nurtures: a blend of mindfulness practices and natural remedies. This holistic path for soothing rosacea and reducing redness weaves together natural skin care, a nourishing diet, gentle stress management and getting enough deep, restorative sleep.

Unlock the Secrets to Flawless Skin: Rosacea and Skin Care

The skin is the body's largest organ, and it’s one of the sites where we can see disruption in the body’s systems first. The most easily recognizable symptoms of rosacea include red and irritated skin, flushing, patchy dry skin, and acne-like bumps. An inflammatory condition that disrupts the skin's barrier function, this challenging skin condition calls for a restrained and thoughtful approach to gentle skin care.  

Rosacea and Skin Care Tips

Managing rosacea, we suggest a holistic approach, so treating this condition is not separate from managing stress, or diet, or nurturing our overall sense of wellbeing.

Skin is most healthy and radiant when we use natural, plant-based skincare formulas—and that’s especially true for rosacea. We can turn to traditional herbalism to offer plant remedies that soothe and reinforce the skin's health. 

Plants to rely on include Matricaria to calm inflammation, and Rose Hip and Helichrysum to stimulate renewal. Marshmallow Root is a favorite, as it helps detoxify the skin and provides a great source of vitamins and minerals that help reduce redness and irritation.

To soothe irritated or inflamed skin, Tammy’s go-to protocol incorporates both Roman Chamomile Tonic and Plant Milk Serum

Cherished Plant Milk Serum is an incredibly nurturing and soothing emulsion, perfect for calming sensitive skin. It's a nutritive blend that balances and comforts, reducing irritation and redness. Made with every part of the precious plant remedies of this blend—including seeds, roots, leaves, petals, and fruits—it features revered traditional remedies like White Lily, Mountain Arnica, and Milk Thistle, making it a healing choice for rosacea skin care.

Roman Chamomile Tonic  is a soothing floral water formulated with the pure essence of Roman Chamomile, celebrated in traditional European herbalism for its capacity to calm and restore the skin with gentle hydration.

We will expand on the full protocol and how to integrate these healing, soothing remedies for rosacea further along. 

What we eat also plays an important role in how rosacea skin looks and feels.

Generally speaking, we all know that sugar, processed foods and caffeine can increase inflammation and spark a rosacea flare. 

Trying a simple diet that includes more raw organic vegetables and fruits is a great way to calm the system, especially when we include those that are high in essential fatty acids, like Avocado or lovely Coconut. At the same time, incorporating anti-inflammatory ingredients like organic turmeric root can provide great support. 

When you are gentle on your digestive system, you are gentle on your skin.

Some of the best cooling, soothing whole foods to include in cold soups or salads include Cucumber, Aloe juice, Celery, and Sprouts. Food journaling can help encourage these new habits and increase awareness of the impact different foods have on the skin. 

Stress and lack of sleep also disturb the skin. It can take a mindful commitment to make lifestyle changes to establish healthy sleep habits and find ways to reduce stress. 

Still, this effort is truly worthwhile for the beautiful benefits it brings to the skin, mind and spirit. Lean in to activities that fill you with joy whatever they may be, laughing with friends, gardening, gentle movement, writing poetry or journaling, and take steps towards establishing a nightly ritual that helps you relax and drift into restorative sleep.

Spending too long in the sun is a common trigger for people with rosacea. On beautiful sunny days, keep your skin protected with long sleeved tops, sarongs, big sunglasses and hats. When selecting a sunscreen, a broad spectrum, mineral formula–with zinc oxide as the active ingredient–is a good choice for sensitive skin 

Always handle your skin gently with the softest approach—whether you’re cleansing, applying products, or removing makeup. Every touch is an opportunity to show your skin love and to help it heal.


Common Rosacea Irritants

Skin can easily become inflamed and red through contact with irritants and products containing alcohol, menthol, essential oils, and synthetic fragrances, which are known to spark irritation.

Over-treating the skin also causes problems. Overwhelmingly, managing rosacea is a less-is-more situation and you will fare better using gentle restraint. 

Using too many products too often without giving the skin some simple downtime to breathe can leave it constantly overwhelmed. Look at whatever face care products you use currently with a critical eye. You might take a two-week break from any that use non-natural ingredients.


Choose Fragrance-Free Skin-Care

Skin care products containing fragrances can easily unsettle sensitive skin–scents penetrate the skin barrier and can lead to redness, burning, stinging, and itching.

Instead, choose fragrance free, anti-inflammatory herbal remedies. These formulas nourish the skin with essential nutrients without causing stress, promoting healing and maintaining balance.


Cleansing Cloths and Facial Redness

Commercial cleansing cloths are a no-go for a rosacea skin care routine. Generally saturated with fragrances, chemicals, and preservatives, they can quickly exacerbate skin sensitivity, leading to increased redness and irritation.

The perfect alternative for an on-the-go refresh is Roman Chamomile Tonic. This light, soothing floral water is lovingly formulated with the pure essence of Roman Chamomile, revered in herbalism for its profound ability to calm and restore. In the heat of summer, Tammy likes to store a glass container with cotton pads soaked in Roman Chamomile Tonic in the refrigerator, to wipe down overheated skin.

Skin Care for Redness Reduction

To soothe the skin, Tammy’s go-to protocol relies on Roman Chamomile Tonic and Plant Milk Serum, blended with White Lily and Mountain Arnica to nurture and restore the complexion. 

Cleanse: Apply Cleansing Milk with a gentle circular motion to face and neck, morning and evening, removing with a warm, moist cloth to leave the complexion clean and softly radiant.

Tone:  Refresh and soothe your complexion with a delicate mist of Roman Chamomile Tonic. Infused with the pure essence of Roman Chamomile, it brings hydration and tranquility to the skin.

Treat: Gently warm 1-2 droppers full of Plant Milk between the fingertips, pressing it into the skin like a serum or gently massaging into the skin, activating micro-circulation, which helps increase oxygenation and vitality.

Moisturize: Plant Milk offers a light and lasting layer of protection, but a modest application of Intensive Repair Balm creates an additional environmental barrier, and helps lock in hydration, which can support sensitive skin.

Nurture your skin and soul with a gentle, holistic approach to rosacea care, blending nature's remedies with self-love for a tranquil, balanced complexion.

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