Post Procedure Skin Care: How to Nourish and Heal Your Skin

Healing is a time to forge a deep connection with your skin. The intention for post procedure skincare is to guide your skin back to balance and health with steps that support reduced inflammation, encourage repair, and prioritize protection. Understanding how to nourish and heal your skin during this phase is paramount. 

Post-procedure skin is especially vulnerable. Stress from chemical peels, laser treatment for acne scars, or surgical interventions may lead to heightened sensitivity and redness, along with dry, flaky patches. 

For skin in healing mode, our all-natural formulas bring together powerful botanical ingredients to support regeneration, stimulate collagen production and offer fragile skin soothing relief. Many clients seek out Tammy Fender products for post-procedural care as our formulas are free from parabens, chemicals, artificial colors and fragrances, all best avoided during the healing stage. 

Post Procedure Skin Care: How to Nourish and Heal Your Skin

Intensive Repair Balm, Tammy’s most celebrated formula, was developed especially with post-procedure skin in mind. Skin recovering from surgery will benefit so exactly from this powerfully rich and restorative combination of Chamomile and Helichrysum, which is known for its ability to stimulate new growth of skin cells.

The potent natural remedies benefit every skin type—and especially dehydrated, sensitive, stressed or dry skin—helping to soothe while stimulating growth and repair. 

During the healing journey, the need for moisture and protection increases. Spontaneous Recovery Crème with Buriti Fruit Oil and Iris Root is a treasure for post procedure skin. 

Penetrating like an oil, and protecting the skin like a serum, this luxuriant moisturizer delivers the utmost hydration and care to a stressed, depleted complexion, safeguarding vulnerable, newly exposed skin from the environmental elements.

For soothing the most delicate complexions, Plant Milk Serum, with its wealth of traditional plant remedies such as White Lily, Mountain Arnica and Milk Thistle is so supportive of damaged skin. Utilizing the seed, root, leaf, petal and fruit, this whole-plant, milky emulsion helps calm irritation, quell redness, and support the return to radiant, healthy skin.

The synergy of these formulas creates a wonderfully supportive skincare routine for both morning and evening to encourage optimal and hastened recovery.

Your morning skincare protocol works to prepare and protect your skin for the day ahead. This fortifying and soothing routine supports skin's post-procedure recovery, leaving it feeling nourished, protected, and ready to face the day with resilience. 

Begin with Cleansing Milk, a gentle cleanser infused with soothing Lavender and purifying Fo-Ti. Ideal for post-procedure skin, the creamy texture and calming ingredients set the stage for recovery and rejuvenation.

Follow with Roman Chamomile Tonic, a soothing floral water to calm and restore. Especially beneficial for skin problems such as redness and sensitivity, this refreshing tonic hydrates and soothes the skin. 

Next, apply Plant Milk Serum, the nurturing emulsion ideal for delicate skin. Its blend of White Lily and Mountain Arnica soothes post-procedure irritation, enveloping your skin in a comforting, protective layer.

Finish with Intensive Repair Balm, our deeply hydrating moisturizer with Helichrysum and White Lily, loved for their regenerative properties. This balm secures moisture and aids skin repair, making it a vital step in your post-procedure care for a resilient and nourished complexion. Apply to face and neck, allowing cream to absorb; then re-apply for added hydration and protection, as needed.

Evening care is about supporting skin's natural recovery during restful hours. Begin with gentle Cleansing Milk, to cleanse, comfort, and prepare your skin for overnight renewal. 

Follow with Bulgarian Rose Water, ideal for reawakening post-procedure skin with its rejuvenating Rose essence, catering to sensitivities and hydration needs.

Then, massage in a small amount of Plant Milk Serum, a blend designed to soothe and nourish delicate skin post-procedure, using White Lily and Mountain Arnica to reduce skin tone redness  and calm irritation. 

Finally, apply a protective layer of Spontaneous Recovery Crème. Our much-loved, luxurious formula has been called the “Aspen crème” by fans for its ability to reinforce the skin's barrier and encourage restoration after exposure to treatments, sun, snow, and other extreme conditions.

As the skin heals, this post procedure evening skin care protocol will work in harmony with the skin’s natural cycle of overnight rejuvenation.

As you continue on your post-procedure skincare journey, some practices can impede healing. Pause on strong alpha or beta hydroxy acids as they can be disruptive to recovering skin. 

Similarly, limit sun exposure to protect your sensitive skin from further damage and avoid harsh soaps and cleansers that may strip protective oils, disrupting your skin's natural balance. 

Finally, remember using hot water when cleansing will further dry out and disturb already delicate skin. Opt for lukewarm water instead, for a gentle cleansing experience.

As you begin Tammy’s complete post-healing treatment protocol, embracing a nurturing routine becomes a form of self-care. Each application is not just a step towards recovery but an act of loving kindness to your skin. 

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