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The sensitivity and beauty of flowers is such an inspiration to me, and especially in my work with those who have sensitive skin. Over the past 10 years in the treatment room, I’ve seen that skin has become more reactive, as our lives move at a new pace, and we face new challenges and develop new sensitivities, with our bodies working to adapt to all the shifts in technology, diet, stress and environmental factors.

As we face these changes, flowers hold so much nurturing wisdom, reminding us of the beauty of gentleness, and the radiance of delicacy. Truly, flowers hold the same divinely feminine sensitivity as a mother’s caring touch.

With these sensitivities in mind, I created Plant Milk with botanical extracts of White Lily flower and Mountain Arnica to help soothe and protect the skin. Like all milks, this silky emulsion is so uniquely nourishing and complete, bringing nurturing hydration and essential nutrients to the most delicate tissues. And like all of my favorite treatment formulas, it’s also very versatile, and can be worn alone or layered under a favorite cream, imparting the most beautiful sheen
to the skin.

Our lives may not slow down, but Plant Milk offers a uniquely rich source of nurturing protection and preservation, and I’m thrilled to share this formula with you. Happy Mother’s Day.

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