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So often, as I meet with those who visit my treatment room, people speak of feeling overloaded, burdened by the too-muchness of daily life—the rush, the expectations, and the distractions of this time. One of the surest ways I know to come back into holistic vibrancy is through working with the plant kingdom and its powerful remedies. Our deepest healing can be initiated by an intention to receive life’s nurturing blessings. It’s simple, and profound. But we have to take the time to align ourselves with the beauty of opening to that care.

In celebrating Mother’s Day, I love to acknowledge the loving moms and the nurturing women all around us, but also the healing capacities of our Mother Earth, expressed so perfectly in pure essence of Bulgarian Rose. Rose is renowned not only for its capacity to initiate healing in the skin, but for its ability to guide us into a sense of warmth and light at the heart chakra, and that vibration is amplified by our mindful awareness. (For me, Bulgarian Rose Water is a lovely expression of this connection.)

Bringing intention to your daily routine, using formulas blended with pure botanical essences, aligns us with the Earth’s natural rhythms, activating a sense of peace and expansion. That ease allows the body to heal, and to become resilient, and it shines in a naturally glowing complexion, too. It’s almost effortless to accept nature’s gift. All we have to do is to focus on our intentions, let gratitude flow, and let nature do the rest with an abundance nurturing ease.

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