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Evolution, transformation and growth. Nature shows us that this is life’s way, and the holistic lifestyle—including natural skincare, a healthy diet and consistent self-care—is all about adapting and optimizing in the face of change.

These past months I’ve been speaking to skin sensitivities, sharing on ways to dissolve stress and tension, to find peaceful rest, to help the skin, body, and spirit feel at ease, even as the world changes all around us. Our skin renews itself every 28 to 40 days. And these cyclical rhythms are a great reminder. Our bodies are designed for change. Nothing is static, and that means the more we listen to what we need deep down, the better we fare.

For the summer months, it might feel good to take everything back to basics, to what you know you need to thrive—great fruits and vegetables in their raw, natural state, quality time with people you love, quiet nature, long walks, deep breaths and kindness towards a neighbor. This is the ground from which new life grows. Just walking barefoot on the earth can help us find this feeling of solid connection. I hope that the summer will offer you a chance to re-center, get grounded and drink in everything that keeps us strong and healthy.

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