Natural Skincare for Teenage Skin

For many teens, skincare is a new world full of routines and options–a world which can quickly feel overwhelming. Choosing natural skincare for teenage skin makes these early routines simpler, relying on plant-based remedies to nurture the skin and lay the groundwork for lifelong healthy skin care practices.


How Important is Natural Skin Care for Teens?

In every phase of life, including the teen years, turning to botanical remedies will bring about beautiful results for the skin. Our formulations offer a multitude of nutrients to help balance, heal, and nourish the skin at any age.  

An early introduction to natural skincare products for teen complexions helps address immediate concerns and, importantly, awakens an understanding of how plant remedies can work synergistically with the skin. The stage is set for healthy skin habits that last a lifetime. 


Benefits of Natural Skincare for Teenage Skin

For teenage skin, grappling with excessive oil production —a precursor to clogged pores,  acne and breakouts—natural ingredients offer a gentle yet effective solution. Ingredients like Tea Tree, relied on for its antibacterial properties, or Lavender for soothing nature, work to solve these concerns without the harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances found in many teen skincare products that typically overwork the complexion.

And there's another bonus in turning to eco-friendly, plant remedies—aromatherapy benefits. The aromas inherent in many natural skincare products and botanical elixirs contribute to overall well-being and can help bring balance to the often-turbulent teenage years, in body, mind and spirit. The refreshing lift from Spearmint, for example, can boost the mood and bring clarity or Roman Chamomile may encourage a sense of calm. By soothing stress, we pave the way for healthier skin, too–how we feel inside can often reflect on our skin’s surface.

Let’s explore some of the tried and true plant remedies for teenage skin in our collection.

The Purifying Cleansing Gel offers a fresh way to cleanse for teen skin, blending energizing Spearmint and nourishing Alfalfa Leaf into a clarifying wash that respects the skin's natural balance. Spearmint, known for its refreshing and cooling benefits, also acts as a gentle antiseptic, helping to reduce the appearance of blemishes without harshness. 

Alfalfa Leaf, a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, supports skin health by nourishing deeply, promoting a naturally vibrant complexion. The result is a refreshingly deep but super gentle cleanse that leaves the skin soft and balanced, not stripped. Teens can start and end the day with this simple step for a clear, nourished complexion.

Essential C Tonic is a refreshing herbal water, ideal for teens with oily, combination, or acne prone skin types. Its vibrant blend of Ginseng and citrus essences—Bergamot, Orange Peel, and Grapefruit—delivers a powerful burst of brightening Vitamin C and antioxidants, effectively whisking away dullness and revealing a brighter complexion.  

This potent tonic also includes Ginseng Root Extract, which is incredibly energizing and hydrating for skin; Grapefruit Fruit Extract, offers natural astringent qualities to reduce oiliness and tighten pores; and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, soothes and hydrates the skin, helping reduce the appearance of irritation and redness. Essential C Tonic refreshes the skin and helps bring it into balance, making it a perfect step in a teen's skincare routine.

Tammy's approach to treating acne and blemish-prone skin emphasizes avoiding overstripping, which can initiate a cycle of excess sebum production and leave the skin more susceptible to breakouts. Instead, she advocates for using gentle yet effective plant remedies to gently bring the skin into balance.

Clarifying Dermagel simplifies the fight against blemishes, blending Thyme, Tea Tree, and Myrrh—natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory heroes—with Aloe's moisture. 

Thyme Extract helps clear blemishes without irritation, Tea Tree Oil combats bacteria gently, and Aloe soothes, ensuring the treatment leaves skin balanced, not dry or stressed, making it a nurturing, not overwhelming, addition to a teen skincare routine. Unlike commercial formulas that strip the skin, this careful blend helps achieve a clear, blemish-free complexion without ingredients that compromise acne-prone or, sensitive skin.

Epi-Peel, used up to three times a week, refreshes and gently exfoliates teen skin, blending Kaolin Clay with Spearmint and Rosemary—nature's purifiers— without over-drying. This all-in-one formula cleanses, brightens, and lifts away dead skin cells and excess oil that can cause congestion and dullness . Kaolin Clay helps lift away impurities, Rosemary energizes the skin beautifully by enhancing circulation for a natural glow and Spearmint helps young skin feel revitalized, not stripped. For an ultra-gentle yet effective cleanse, mix a small dab of Epi-Peel with Purifying Cleansing Gel, creating a soft scrub. Apply in circular motions to boost circulation and bind to impurities, then gently remove with a warm cloth. This method ensures teen skin is nurtured, leaving it fresh and radiantly clear.

Teenage skin responds so well to Luminous Morning Crème, our feather-weight moisturizer. Formulated to clarify, illuminate, and protect, it supports the unique needs of oily, combination, or blemish-prone skin. 

Infused with the balancing power of Neroli and Sweet Orange, this refreshing crème harmonizes sebum production to prevent congestion, awakening the skin and senses. It promotes a clear, glowing complexion, perfectly prepared for the day ahead.

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