How to Use a Body Scrub Benefits and a Step-by-Step Guide

I believe the experience of an exfoliating body scrub to be a beautiful, reinvigorating self-care practice. It invites you to connect with your skin, clear away the old, invite the new and cherish your body. An intimate ritual to enjoy at home, let's explore how to use a body scrub and the benefits with a step-by-step guide to support your silky radiance from head to toe. 

What is a body scrub?

An exfoliating body scrub plays the role of a rejuvenator, polishing away dead cells to reinvigorate the skin and reveal the softer, brighter layers that lie beneath.

This fresh reveal can be achieved in various ways. While some choose chemical exfoliation - which may use a source of glycolic acid or other AHAs, which work by dissolving the bonds holding dead skin cells to the surface. For at-home use I like to recommend a physical exfoliant such as salt scrub, sugar scrub or a blend crafted with natural ingredients and micro-particles which manually whisk away the dead skin cells, helping to unclog pores and smooth the surface. These exfoliants are tactile and immediate in their effects as they slough away dead skin cells, leaving rejuvenation in their wake.

Enzymes and clays can also play a role in exfoliating skin care. I look to a balanced approach to body exfoliation, incorporating the gentle, physical exfoliation and the deep cleansing properties of clay. This combination ensures a comprehensive exfoliation experience that protects the integrity of the skin.

The benefits of a body scrub

In sloughing away old skin cells, a body scrub is akin to a reset–creating a fresh canvas and leaving your skin clean and open. This process aids in drawing out pore-clogging toxins and helps in tackling ingrown hairs, ensuring your skin is prepped and smooth.

Post-scrub, your skin becomes this wonderful, receptive surface, eagerly soaking in the enriching qualities of your body oils or moisturizing lotions. It's the secret to skin that feels sumptuously supple, deeply hydrated and radiating a gorgeous luminosity.

Massaging the scrub into the skin also increases circulation and cell turnover. Your body feels alive with vitality and wellness as exfoliation whisks away the rough terrain of dry skin, leaving softness and suppleness. 

What I love about this ritual of self-care is that it is so accessible – even if you feel pressed for time. With an exfoliating body scrub, a shower transforms into a serene interlude for you to breathe, reconnect, and soothe both body and soul.

My step by step guide to your body scrub ritual

My ritual centers around the Award-winning Epi-Body Polish. This multi-purpose exfoliating scrub and body mask brings a silky, refined finish to the skin with a detoxifying herbal blend of soothing Marjoram, uplifting Peppermint and cleansing Watercress. Kaolin clay supports the detoxification process, to draw out  toxins 

In the shower, apply a generous amount of body scrub to your skin to prepare for complete exfoliation. Use gentle, circular motions to spread the polish, paying extra attention to areas that tend to be drier with more build-up.  Keep your touch light and loving—this is your time to nurture your body. 

To reach your back, apply a thin layer of the scrub to a long-handled bath brush to reach. This ensures every inch of your skin receives the care it deserves.

Shift your focus to your feet, giving them a tender fatigue-relieving massage. As you rub in the scrub, stimulate the reflex points, encouraging a holistic sense of well-being while leaving feet feeling soft and reenergized.

A clever multi-tasker, Epi-Body Polish can be applied to the scalp too. Apply the scrub gently to loosen any build-up, preparing your hair for a thorough cleanse when you shampoo afterward. It’s a step often overlooked but so delightful for that complete feeling of rejuvenation.

Lastly, lavish love on your décolleté. Apply a layer of the Epi Body Polish and let it sit for several minutes, transforming into a mask. As you rinse it off with a warm cloth, envision washing away the stress of the day.

Formulated with several different types of exfoliants, some to slough away dullness and some to gently refine the skin, the results are silky radiance from head to toe.

Epi Body Polish can be used to scrub your skin or as a beautifully aromatic body mask, leaving the skin soft and radiant.

For a truly exquisite experience, follow with a rich application of Rose Geranium & Tangerine Body Lotion or Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil. Enjoy every moment.

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