How to Take Care of Your Skin After Microneedling

Understanding how to take care of your skin after microneedling is so important for complete recovery and rejuvenation. Here, we step you through nurturing post-care practices with our collection. 


Microneedling, often sought for its minimally invasive approach to stimulate collagen production, delicately punctures the skin's surface, targeting fine lines, scars, damage from sun exposure and texture concerns. This intervention, while less aggressive than many treatments, still invokes dermal trauma and will leave skin highly fragile, necessitating gentle post-treatment care of your skin.

Immediately following a microneedling session, the skin typically enters a phase of heightened sensitivity, responding to the treatment's subtle punctures. The side effects may manifest as redness, akin to a mild sunburn, along with feelings of tightness and a sensation that the skin feels dry. Slight swelling or tenderness is also common as the skin’s innate healing process begins. 

During this period, the selection of calming and soothing formulations is essential to gently nurture the skin, ease reactivity, and encourage healing of connective tissue. Herbal remedies can help soothe the sensitivity, protect your skin and support its recovery process.

Let’s explore our suggested protocol to follow a microneedling procedure and the beautifully supportive botanicals that can help nurture your skin to complete rejuvenation. 

Begin with Cleansing Milk, a natural choice ideal for post-microneedling care. This lightly creamy cleanser, formulated especially for dry or sensitive skin, and loved by all skin types, is enriched with soothing Lavender and purifying Fo-Ti. As you wash your face impurities are gently whisked away while maintaining the skin’s delicate balance. Gentle cleansers ensure the freshly treated skin is not stripped of its natural oils.

Next, Roman Chamomile Tonic, infused with Roman Chamomile Flower Water and Oil, offers immediate soothing relief. Loved for its calming and hydrating properties, Roman Chamomile helps reduce redness and promote the skin’s natural healing, making it a perfect choice after microneedling.

Following Roman Chamomile Tonic, apply Plant Milk Serum, our whole-plant formulation. This milky emulsion, steeped in the soothing virtues of Mountain Arnica and White Lily, brings a calming touch to the skin's heightened sensitivity post-microneedling. Ingredients like tenderly address irritation, while the calming essence of Mountain Arnica helps gently alleviate redness and swelling. Each botanical ingredient is carefully chosen to harmonize with your skin, fostering a speedier recovery.

The final step in post-microneedling care is the careful choice of Intensive Repair Balm or Spontaneous Recovery Crème.

Intensive Repair Balm, rich with Helichrysum, White Lily, Lavender and Lotus, provides intensive hydration, supportive of all skin types in the delicate healing stage. This is our best-selling and most requested formula, sealing in moisture with a dewy, protective veil. Both Helichrysum and Lavender are especially supportive in healing the skin’s connective tissue. 

Spontaneous Recovery Crème, formulated with Buriti Fruit Oil and Iris Root, offers a deeply hydrating experience, ideal for dry or sensitive skin. It absorbs like an oil and protects like a serum, helping stressed, dry skin return to a healthy, serene state.

Understanding how to take care of your skin after microneedling is vital to bringing forth the most radiant results. Our microneedling aftercare not only helps in reducing immediate redness and inflammation but also supports the longer-term restoration of your skin's natural equilibrium, contributing to a balanced and harmonious healing journey post treatment. 

Our holistic skin care philosophy supports and optimizes the skin's natural renewal cycle, and our suggested alternative to achieving cellular turnover, a  benefit of microneedling, is with a holistic facial. At home, in place of microneedling, we propose the gentler choice of our double-masking treatment ritual that works with skin’s natural rhythm in a non-invasive way. 

Commence with our micro-exfoliating Epi-Peel, a tender exfoliant, followed by the rich embrace of  Restorative Radiance Masque. Infused with the delicate power of White Hibiscus, a natural trove of AHAs, this therapeutic blend encourages skin cell renewal, without the intensity of invasive procedures or over-use of alpha hydroxy acids.

This approach to rejuvenating your skincare routines, steeped in the wisdom of herbal remedies, offers to revive and nurture the skin. It’s a testament to our belief in minimal inflammation, maximizing the skin’s own remarkable ability to heal and renew itself.

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