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As we all know, some of the best gifts are not only those we’ve received, but those we’ve given. This month, in just starting to prepare for the holidays, I’ve been remembering some of my favorite gifts—those I’ve given and those I've had the pleasure to receive. What is it that makes the perfect gift? Of course, it’s not the expense. And it’s not the size or the intricacy. 

When I think about gifts we all receive from nature, the answer is so clear. The beautiful plants I work with every day in the treatment room and in the apothecary give us such tremendous gifts, and with such open generosity. Nature’s gifts are about timing, each plant coming to its fullness, offering its peak potency at its height. And nature’s remedies teach us about recognition, each recognizing so precisely who we are and what we need in that moment. I think most of the best gifts are like that, too, honoring something special about the receiver, something emerging. They offer encouragement to what’s fresh and new and exciting in our lives. Really, it requires listening so closely.

This year, I’ve vowed to take a little extra time to make every gift a true offering, something special that I’ve chosen with intention, and intuition, to honor my love for those dear in my life, and the beauty I see emerging in each of them. I’m beginning with curiosity and savoring the happiness of celebrating my family and friends in this conscious way, taking inspiration from the bounty of incredible, just-right gifts that we receive from nature every day.

I hope you’ll join me in truly enjoying this season of giving and receiving…

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