Summer’s flowers are so very much worth the wait, full of expression and sensitivity and pure life force. For me, experiencing our family garden in full bloom reminds me of the power of nature working at its own pace. What an inspiration!

Summer is also, naturally, a season when I cherish our flower tonics—Bulgarian Rose Water, Roman Chamomile Tonic and Essential C Tonic—all created with beautiful floral remedies harvested at the height of their potency. I love the way these toners protect the skin’s precious natural oils—its protective barrier—which helps the skin stay hydrated, which is so needed in the heat. But I must admit I also love to treat my skin to these elixirs because they offer such a direct, lush connection with the flowers themselves.

In the same way, this month we are celebrating the return of Antioxidant Crème, which has been reformulated just slightly to bring out its brightly aromatic scent, as in the original blend. This summer-perfect formula is a beautiful daytime moisturizer, nourishing all skin types, including congested or acne-prone skin. However, it’s also so buoyant with citrus blossoms, including vibrant and citrus-y Sweet Orange, uplifting Mandarin, and Neroli—that it is sure to bring a smile. We call it the “happy creme” and I think you’ll agree.

May your summer bloom all season long with wonder and beauty of all kinds.


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