For the Love of Juicing

Clean Eating

I am a juice enthusiast. I try to incorporate at least 1 of these divine elixir’s into my life on a daily basis.  Juicing is an incredible way of delivering pure, fresh nurtients into your bloodstream and cells – when you juice, you are harnessing the Pure Living Energy of the plant and feeding it to your system.  These very fine particles are easily absorbed into your system and immediately begin to alkalize, hydrate and energize your sacred temple (aka: your body!).  Our inner systems work hard on a daily basis to digest all that it absobs (food, toxins, energy) and jucing is a way that allows our system rest and replenishment.  Each juice you consume also acts as a mini-detox as toxicities are released from your tissues and neutralized by the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in juice.  Jucing is also one of the best ways for the body to absorb beneficial enzymes (your body’s work force!) – which are primary found in raw foods. Enzymes are powerhouses of the body – converting food into energy, increasing the metabolic rate and increasing the body’s absorption of phytochemicals that work to fight disease.  Jucing is a major component of holistic health and a primary way I treat & heal the skin – as beautiful, glowing and radiant skin begins from the inside out.  When the body is healthy, the skin responds with brilliance!  Jucing reduces inflammation (a direct cause of acne and other skin irritants), stimulates cells, cleanses, heals, removes excess waste, provides increased energy, naturally rids the body of excess weight and strengthens the immunes system. Fresh juice truly is the cure-all – it is nature’s best and most potent medicine.  

Some of my favorite combinations:

The Green Cleasner

1 bunch Organic Spinach (great for the lymphatic, urinary & digestive systems)

2 bunches Organic Kale (high in calcium, wonderful for the bones & the nervous system)

3-4 Organic Fuji Apples (powerful blood purifiers and very cleansing for the lymphatic system)

1 organic Lime or Lemon (both are detoxifying and immune strengthening)

1 chunk Ginger Root (aids in digestion & great for circulation))



2 Organic Cucumbers (rich in potassium, silica, vitamins A & C, chlorophyll)

8-10 Mint Leaves (high in vitamin C & antioxidants)

1 chunk of Ginger Root (aids in digestion & great for circulation)


Liver Cleanse* 

*This juice is high in electrolytes, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium & rich in chlorophyll (an amazing blood & lymphatic system purifier).

8-10 Organic Carrots

1 Organic Beet

1 bunch Organic Parsely



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