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As some of you know, Earth Day is one of my favorite holidays, a time when we can honor this wondrous and beautiful place we all call home. Every year, it offers us the opportunity to consider our relationship to nature, to the world around us, and to each other. We’re invited to spend a little time musing on whatever might need our attention, making or renewing our commitments, or taking action.

For me, it’s all a part of the holistic lifestyle, the wellness and happiness that grow and shine when we get in touch with our true nature. On Earth Day, I like to think about how my small decisions—for example, eating with the seasons, and supporting our local organic farmers—support the whole, and I think about where our family might do more. When we commit to taking care of ourselves, and the planet, in this loving, mindful way, it seems to call forth all of our best human qualities—adaptability, creativity and especially generosity. And when we act in this heart-centered way, it reveals our love for the planet, and the love we also hold for ourselves, our friends and our family. It’s a beautiful cycle.

This year, as I find myself so inspired by the trees around us, at Tammy Fender we are committing 10% of sales between today and Earth Day, on April 22, to the National Forest Foundation. For every $1 in donations, the organization plants 1 tree, reforesting and healing areas that have been damaged by fires or storms. The plant kingdom gives us so much. I am happy to offer this gift where it is needed most. Please join me in celebrating Earth Day.

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