Early Indications of Skin Aging

Our skin can reveal the early signs of aging more quickly than we’d like. However, taking a holistic approach to addressing the factors that contribute to premature aging skin while honoring skin can slow the process. Certain lifestyle habits, environmental factors, and choice of skincare formulas play a role in speeding up, or slowing down, signs of prematurely aging skin–let’s explore them.

We experience two kinds of aging – intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic aging is the natural aging process that we all experience, regardless of external factors. 

Extrinsic aging, however, is accelerated by external factors such as UV rays, lifestyle habits,  and environmental pollutants, each impacting the health of every skin cell and accelerating the signs of aging. 


One of the first signs of premature aging  that you may notice are fine lines and wrinkles, particularly around the thin, delicate skin of the eyes. These lines are like small notes of joy and expression, but can show up a bit sooner than we might expect.

You might notice changes in tone and texture or thinning skin, with skin perhaps losing its plumpness and radiance. Thinner skin may lead to the skin’s texture feeling more fragile, transparent, revealing underlying blood vessels. 

UV exposure is a significant extrinsic factor; the sun's UV rays can accelerate signs of aging. Dark spots, also known as age spots, can begin to dot the skin, each one a marker of the many hours accumulated under the sun's rays. 

UVB and UVA rays penetrate the skin differently, with UVA affecting the deeper layers, while UVB rays impact the surface. These rays can weaken the skin's collagen and elastin, leading to sagging skin due to the loss of elasticity and firmness. In order to protect skin from this loss, you might wear sunscreen and avoid using a tanning bed, while also incorporating some of the tips we suggest here.

Exposure to environmental stressors, such as pollution, can weaken the skin barrier, making it difficult for the skin to retain moisture. As a result, dry skin lacks the plumpness and elasticity of beautifully hydrated skin, wrinkles and fine lines tend to appear earlier and seem more prominent.  

A prolonged period of stress also leads to premature aging. When our bodies are in a constant state of ‘fight or flight’ it is reflected in the skin. Remember the power of relaxation; letting go of tension not only benefits your complexion but your overall well-being. It's about finding peace within and reflecting that tranquility.

Many synthetic skincare ingredients can speed up signs of aging. This is why turning to nature's own remedies makes so much sense. Our formulas, abundant in botanical benefits, offer a gentle yet effective approach to encouraging balance, suppleness and radiant softness, without synthetic ingredients which can deplete the skin. 

For a protocol designed not only to shield against the signs of premature aging but also to rejuvenate a complexion that might already show these early signs, rely on the nurturing, regenerative plant remedies.



Begin your routine with Cleansing Milk. Perfect for all skin types, this gentle cleanser is infused with Lavender and Fo-Ti, leaving your skin soft and radiant.  



Follow with Bulgarian Rose Water to reawaken the complexion with the rejuvenating essence of Rose.



For the delicate eye area, so prone to signs of premature aging, apply abundantly nourishing Awakening Eye Gel. This blend is crafted with Green Myrtle to reduce signs of puffiness and Elder Flower, which helps nourish and rehydrate thirsty skin. Continue with Quintessential Serum, an ultra concentrated, precious blend of Frankincense and Rose essence, to fully nurture  the skin with essential nutrients. 



In the morning, choose Spontaneous Recovery Crème,an abundantly rich moisturizer that’s excellent for dry, depleted,and mature skin. 

Understanding the effects UV rays can have, take extra care and apply sunscreen when you're planning a day outdoors.We suggest mineral sunscreen be applied 30 minutes after your favorite moisturizer as part of your routine. Choose long sleeved tops, sarongs, big sunglasses and hats, even chic parasols to protect your skin completely. 

In the evening, rely on Celestial Rose Crème, our perfect, richly restorative night cream blended with precious Rose and Manuka Honey. 



Twice to three times a week, incorporate micro-exfoliating Epi-Peel to encourage the body’s natural regenerative process. This exquisite formulation enhances skin's texture and radiance. Complement this with the luxurious Restorative Radiance Masque, a treatment to revitalize and brighten, leaving skin replenished and full of life. 

Choosing potent plant remedies allows us to gently nurture and sustain the skin, and slow early aging signs, supporting radiant and resilient complexion. 

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