Holistic Living

As the best gardeners and farmers will tell you, nothing builds health in the garden beds like community, with a web of creatures both seen and unseen all working together in harmony, from earthworms to pollinators, to create balance and beauty. In my work, that’s also true. Every day, I move between the plant world and into the treatment room, weaving the two together during my days with clients, and enjoying the breadth and depth of both sides of this community. 

And I’m so grateful for everything these connections bring—for both the healing power of nature’s remedies and for the incredible support of friends and clients like you. The connection we have to the plant kingdom is profound, and I love sharing it with you. That’s why every year at midsummer, when our garden hits its heights, we celebrate community with our annual Friends + Family event, which begins next week. I hope you’ll stock up on favorite formulations from the collection and that, when using them, you’ll experience the generous potency of all the Pure Living Energy found in the plants that went into their creation. 

Traditionally, this time of year offers us all  chance to share the bounty in every which way—if you have a little extra time on your hands, you could offer it in support of others. If your garden is overflowing, share that love. And if you have a simple smile to share, offer that, too. As in the garden, a community keeps growing and staying healthy when every element expresses itself fully. 

Please join us in celebrating community!

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