The holidays are a time to delight in everything that reminds us of this special time of year—the beloved family recipes, the beauty of candlelight, and the green scent of Rosemary, or Pine. It’s a time to indulge your senses while setting aside a moment for yourself so that you can fully take in everything the season has to offer. I know I enjoy my time with my family and friends so much more when I’ve taken time to ground myself, and to set an intention for sharing my love and gratitude during our time together. 

I’ll share a ritual that can refresh the spirit so that you’re ready for whatever your schedule holds—a dinner, party or even a walk on the beach with a friend. First, I set an intention to awaken to the moment, lighting a candle as I draw a deep bath. I choose my favorite Bath Milk (right now it’s Herbal Clarity, blended with Birch Bark and Thyme). I blend the bath milk into the water with my fingertips, inhaling the scent deeply, and then I soak, quietly meditating, opening my heart while focussing on my breath. In the meantime, I know that I’m absorbing all the cleansing and detoxifying herbal remedies carried in the blend and when I emerge from the bath, my skin is soft as silk. It doesn’t take long, but it makes a world of difference, and I know I’m bringing my very best to everyone I meet.

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