The Beauty Of Love

I am always happy when Valentine’s Day comes around because it gives me the chance to muse on love. Where to start? Love is simple, but profound. It’s part of the everyday, but it’s also what we live for. As someone once said, love is the seed, the tree and the fruit.

This Valentine’s Day, however, I’m also struck by how love lives in our bodies. Whether we experience romantic love, maternal love, or deep friendship, love surges through the bloodstream via neurotransmitters that deliver health and happiness while building our sense of trust, generosity and empathy. Without communicating through any of our other senses, a simple pat on the back can transmit compassion, while scientists have determined that human touch also has the ability to lower blood pressure and to give our immune system a boost. Love passes through our skin with every tiny squeeze of a hand, a gentle massage or giant bear hug.

It’s a reminder that today is a great time to simply hold hands with a child or with your sweetheart or spend an extra minute or two fussing over your pet. Call an old friend. Listen to beautiful music. You could even express your love through the food you prepare, for yourself and for others, by consciously pouring your heart into every detail.

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