One of the reasons I love traveling is that each trip offers the chance for a shift. Stepping out of your day-to-day routine, whether through discovering a new place, or revisiting an old one, offers the chance to ask who am I—here, and right now? It’s a time to examine what you take with you and what you leave behind, on both the literal packing-list level and at the more deep heart-centered levels too. For me, I love to use my time away to simplify to get down to what matters most—spending time with my family, connecting with nature and re-establishing routines that are important to me.  

Travel also allows the opportunity to re-orient to your skin care routine. For my clients who are super-diligent with their care in daily life, I always recommend giving the skin a little break while away, just really letting the skin rest a bit as you sink into ease. But for those who have inconsistent rhythms at home, being away offers a chance for a re-set, establishing new habits that can come home with you. 

I never leave home without a jar of Epi-Peel. Without introducing anything too fussy to vacation days, this formula, especially when used up to 3 times a week, serves the skin in a multitude of ways. Its micro-exfoliants eliminate surface dullness and build-up, but in doing so you establish a pathway for quenching and restoring the complexion deep within. That bright lush luster we all crave isn’t just the glow of recent exfoliation, but the sign that the skin is replenished and refreshed in every way. By exfoliating gently, we create a pathway for any treatment serum or moisturizing crème that follows to really sink in—and especially when we’re also in a relaxed, receptive state. 


To wash away the heat and grime of summertime completely, use micro-exfoliating Epi-Peel as a gentle scrub, using the fingers in a circular motion to activate circulation and release impurities. Then, after rinsing, follow with cooling Purifying Cleansing Gel, blended with invigorating Native West Spearmint and Aloe to deeply cleanse the skin without over-stripping. 


Before any flight, prepare the skin by lightly exfoliating with Epi-Peel, then following with ultra-nutritive Quintessential Serum, allowing this elixir to sink in deeply. Next apply your favorite crème, sealing it all in. Mid-flight, Tammy also loves to refresh the skin with a small spritz of Bulgarian Rose Water. Travel can be stressful—for the skin and the whole being. Precious essence of Rose both restores the skin and gently uplifts the heart. We all want to arrive feeling fresh and easy in every way.


Our virtual one-to-one sessions provide a great way to reset your routine—especially while you travel. Within each fully customized live 25-minute session Georgie, our Tammy Fender certified integrative holistic specialist, will walk you through movement sequences, mindfulness practices and skin care techniques to support all your goals. As our special gift to you, receive our Discovery Kit (value $65) when booking your first session. 
Please call our Spa Concierge to book your appointment: 
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