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When summer comes into full bloom, the world offers such beauty to behold. Isn’t it incredible? The lives of flowering plants simply amaze me. After some months, each comes into its fullest expression, opening out from buds to blossoms, and a unique unseen beauty unfolds before our very eyes. The delicacy of the petals.Their color. The delicious scent of each bloom. It is intoxicating.

And this spectacular unfolding is so good for the soul, too, filling us with inspiration, if we let it, leading us into wonder, and teaching us about mystery and how every living thing comes into fruition naturally. 

My goal this month is so simple. Though it’s not always easy to adjust my schedule, the more time I spend with blooms and blossoms, the better. I love to sit beneath the Magnolia tree in our yard, just drinking in the scent and magic of the flowers, eventually finding one—one flower just on the edge of fading—to pick and float in a small bowl of water to keep next to my bed at night. Sometimes, it only lasts that long, but what a special gift 

Of course, some of nature’s most potently healing flowers can also be found in my three floral water toners—Bulgarian Rose Water, Roman Chamomile Tonic, and Essential C Tonic. Each captures the power of this moment with pure flower essences, and each offers the skin a summer-perfect boost.

So let's get swept away by beauty this month, joining our hearts to nature’s spectacular blooming in every which way.

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