Best Body Moisturizer for Your Skin


Find your skin's perfect match for complete care with our guide to the best body moisturizer for your skin, featuring the beloved Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil and Rose Geranium and Tangerine Body Lotion.

How to Choose the Best Body Moisturizer for Your Skin

Our collection offers two exquisite full-body moisturizers: Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil and Rose Geranium and Tangerine Body Lotion. Each is uniquely blended to support different needs with the most nurturing plant remedies for full body care.

Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil is a soothing, aromatic treasure crafted for everyday luxury. Infused with pure Bulgarian Lavender, this formula deeply envelopes the skin and is perfect for those seeking a luxurious, aromatic, and nutritive touch. The essence of pure Bulgarian Lavender not only nurtures the skin with its soothing properties but also has a calming effect on the mind, inviting a sense of serenity and well-being. Beyond its enchanting aroma, this formula is enriched with a blend of nutritive oils, including Avocado for deep moisturization, Grapeseed for its antioxidant properties, and Rosehip Seed, known for its ability to improve skin texture and promote a supple radiance. This combination makes the formula a favorite for its clean and serene scent, providing a deeply hydrating experience that nourishes both skin and soul.

Rose Geranium and Tangerine Body Lotion is crafted for those who adore a rich yet delicate touch, blending floral waters and essences into a nourishing experience that leaves the skin hydrated and so soft. Its crisp floral scent is not just a treat for the skin but a delight for the senses, offering a moment of whole-body beauty. Rose Geranium is celebrated for its balancing effect on both skin and emotions, harmonizing the body's natural oils and uplifting the spirit. Tangerine adds a bright, energizing note, known for its ability to refresh and revitalize the senses and skin. This lotion's base is enriched with Raspberry Seed, celebrated for its natural sun protection and soothing properties, and Carrot Seed, which is nourishingly rich in vitamins, enhancing skin's elasticity and tone. Together, these elements hydrate deeply, leaving the skin feeling incredibly soft and replenished.

Both choices are imbued with the integrity of pure plant remedies, carefully selected to synergistically enhance the skin while restoring balance to the body, mind, and soul. 

Body Lotions and Oils for Different Skin Types

When deciding between a lotion and an oil, consider your skin's texture and your personal preference for feel and absorption. Some find the lightweight hydration of a lotion perfect for their daily needs, while others might cherish the rich, enveloping moisture of oil, especially in dryer seasons or climates.  

For Dry Skin: Those with dry skin should seek out richer, more emollient options for deep penetration and lasting hydration. The Rose Geranium and Tangerine Body Lotion, with its thick and creamy texture, serves as a richer option that deeply hydrates and nourishes. It is a water based formulation that provides perfect hydration without feeling heavy. This lotion balances and moisturizes, wrapping the body in a light, hydrating embrace and an uplifting, crisp floral scent that rejuvenates both skin and senses, offering a protective and nourishing treatment for dryness.

For Oily Skin: Contrary to what one might expect, adding moisture is essential even for oily skin; the key is finding the right type. Our Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil offers a lighter option that is crisp and enhances the skin with a beautiful glow without contributing to oiliness. This oil is adept at locking in moisture when applied to damp skin, providing a protective layer that retains hydration and nourishes oily skin types with essential nutrients, making it an excellent choice that won’t clog pores.

For Sensitive Skin: Sensitive skin requires gentle, soothing ingredients that minimize the risk of irritation, and pure ingredients are more agreeable for sensitive skin types. Seek out formulas with calming properties; Essence of Bulgarian Lavender, blended into our body oil, is loved for its naturally soothing comfort. 

For Combination Skin: If you have combination skin, some areas of your body are oilier or drier than others. In this case, you might benefit from using both body oil and lotion, applying each where it suits best—oil for dry areas like elbows and knees and lotion for overall use to maintain a balance of hydration.

Seasonal Changes: Your skin’s needs can also change with the seasons. During colder months, your skin might appreciate the richer hydration of Rose Geranium & Tangerine Body Lotion, while in warmer, more humid conditions, a light oil blend like Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil can provide the necessary moisture without feeling too heavy.

What are the Benefits of Investing in Body Lotion or Body Oil?

Guard against moisture Loss

Healthy skin is hydrated skin. Applying a lotion or oil helps protect your skin from water loss, keeping the skin supple, soft, and glowing. It's a natural boost for the skin’s own protective layer, holding water in, combating dryness and nourishing your skin.

Protect from external stressors

Our moisturizers serve as a protective shield, fortifying your skin against environmental aggressors such as pollution and UV rays. This barrier is vital for preventing damage and preserving your skin’s natural resilience and health.

Feed the skin nutrients

It's not just about hydration; it’s about nourishing your skin with a feast of essential nutrients, enriching its health and leaving it glowing with vitality.

Enhancing your full body moisturizing ritual

You can enhance the benefits of  potent natural remedies by dry body brushing before your shower to stimulate the skin, promoting detoxification and enhancing the absorption of each pure ingredient. 

Massage during full-body skin care also encourages the turnover and regeneration of skin cells by stimulating blood circulation and promoting the elimination of toxins, which can improve skin tone and elasticity. Massage oil or lotion into your skin while it is still damp to enhance absorption. Start with your arms, massaging with long strokes, then work in a circular motion for the chest, abdomen and hips. The legs are treated to long strokes, too, and you might lavish a little time and extra attention on the hands and feet.

When planning a day in the sunshine, wait 30 minutes and then apply mineral-based broad-spectrum sun protection to help protect against sun damage and skin cancer. A gentle reminder: always patch test first before treating your entire body to be aware of any allergic reactions.

This ritual is not just about keeping skin moisturized; it's a loving practice to nourish your skin, soul, and well-being. The aromatic qualities of our blends —the soothing lavender or uplifting rose geranium and tangerine—engage the senses, creating a therapeutic effect that can calm the mind, reduce stress, and uplift the spirit.

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