Benefits of Using a Facial Cleanser

There are many benefits of facial cleansers; they whisk away impurities and potential toxins from the surface and prepare your skin to absorb the beneficial ingredients of toners, moisturizers, and serums with greater efficiency. But this ritual can also become a time of self-care, especially when incorporating a gentle facial massage to encourage circulation and relaxation.  


Types of Facial Cleansers

We honor every skin type with two distinct choices, Cleansing Milk and Purifying Cleansing Gel. Each cleanser is enriched with carefully selected botanicals, showcasing the benefits of facial cleansers formulated with natural plant remedies carefully chosen for their ability to cleanse and care for different skin types without dryness and irritation. 

Cleansing Milk is a gentle, lightly creamy facial cleanser ideal for all skin types, and especially dry or sensitive skin. This  blend of soothing Lavender with purifying Fo-Ti, calms the skin while whisking away impurities without ever compromising the skin’s delicate balance of natural oils. 

The result is a completely nurturing cleansing experience, never drying or irritating the skin. 

For oily skin and combination skin, Purifying Cleansing Gel is a perfect match. This isn’t one of the regular gel cleansers–instead it’s blended with energizing Spearmint and nutrient-rich Alfalfa Leaf in a soothing Aloe leaf base. And it provides a full sensory experience. 

A purifying favorite, the Purifying Cleansing Gel thoroughly cleanses away impurities, gently removes excess oil, and refreshes without over-stripping the skin's natural protective barrier. 

Consider Purifying Cleansing gel a daily ritual to balance and invigorate, leaving your skin smooth, soft, and ready to face the day with radiance. 

How Do Facial Cleansers Work?

Our Cleansing Milk and Purifying Cleansing Gel work by gently lifting away the day's accumulations—dirt, oil, makeup—without compromising the skin's natural protective barrier.  Maintaining the skin barrier is vital as it helps prevent moisture loss and protects against environmental irritants; which can lead to skin becoming inflamed, dry, and uncomfortable. 

Both Cleansing Milk and Purifying Cleansing Gel are formulated with carefully chosen plant remedies designed to support the skin in different ways.


Cleansing Milk is centered around the beautiful synergy of Lavender and Fo-Ti.

Lavender gently soothes irritation and reduces redness, creating a serene environment for your skin to thrive. Fo-Ti, a cornerstone in traditional herbal medicine, is known for its detoxifying properties, helping to clear the complexion by removing dirt, toxins and other impurities. Beyond cleansing, this remedy can promote vibrant skin that glows with health.

Cleansing Milk also features plant remedies including Rose and Chamomile. Rose refreshes, balances pH, and manages oil, while its antiseptic qualities help calm redness. Chamomile offers deep soothing for irritation, perfect for all skin types.



Enjoy an invigorating burst of freshness for your skin with one of the formula’s heroes-Spearmint. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of Spearmint are known to be excellent for cleansing and balancing overactive and acne prone skin.

This blend’s cooling effect also soothe irritation and can help reduce the appearance of blemishes. Alfalfa, rich with vitamins and minerals essential for skin health, complements Spearmint by promoting detoxification, rejuvenation and improving skin's texture and tone. Rosemary is a natural astringent, helping to purify pores while Aloe Is deeply hydrating, helping to replenish the skin's moisture after the cleansing process, ensuring skin feels refreshed without any tightness or dryness. 

Each ingredient is chosen not only for its individual benefits but for how they support each other, creating a cleansing gel that's both purifying and uplifting. Chill in the refrigerator ahead of cleansing for an extra exhilarating routine. 

You can also cleanse more deeply by blending Purifying Cleansing Gel with a dab of Epi-Peel, blending the two formulas in the palm of your hand and then working into the skin for an ultra-light exfoliation on the fly.


Benefits of Using a Facial Cleanser Regularly

Cleansing serves as the essential first step in every skincare routine. Cleansers remove makeup and sunscreen, whisk away impurities, remove dead skin cells and detoxify the skin. Cleansing is crucial for maintaining clear skin, shielding it from environmental stressors, which can help decrease signs of aging, and laying the groundwork for a radiant complexion. Active ingredients in your serums and moisturizers are absorbed more effectively by cleansed skin, amplifying their benefits.

Beyond their cleansing properties, both Cleansing Milk and Purifying Cleansing Gel offer a time to connect with your skin. Combining facial cleansing with massage is a beautiful way to transform a routine habit into a mini ritual of self care. 

The gentle, circular motions help to increase blood circulation, bringing a fresh flow of oxygen and nutrients to the skin's surface. Massage also helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage, a critical process in our body's natural detoxification. By encouraging lymph flow, you're aiding in the removal of toxins and reducing puffiness, creating a more defined and rejuvenated facial contour.

If you need further guidance to choose the right facial cleansers, book a private, one-to-one personal consultation –we’d love to help you discover the cleanser to best serve your skin.   

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