Benefits of Lavender for Your Skin

Lavender oil is a testament to nature's ability to heal, nurture, and beautify. A cherished ingredient in my formulas, let’s explore the benefits of lavender oil for your skin. 

Introduction to the Lavender Flower 

The lavender flower, with its captivating aroma and vibrant hues, is more than just a visual delight—it's a source of nature's potent skin care elixir: lavender essential oil.

Valued for its beauty and wellbeing benefits, lavender has woven its way through history and cultures. The ancient Egyptians incorporated lavender into their cosmetics, the Romans valued its calming aroma in their baths, and the Greeks, calling it "nardus," extolled its therapeutic effects for both skin and mind.

The many benefits of lavender oil for your skin make it one of the most versatile essential oils and a star ingredient in my Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil and Cleansing Milk.

How is Lavender Oil Made? 

Steam distillation is the most common way to extract the precious oil from the flower.

  • Steam is passed through the lavender flowers. 
  • The heat from the steam causes the flowers to release their essential oil. 
  • The resulting mixture of steam and oil is then cooled. 
  • Once cooled, the essential oil separates from the water due to its lower density, allowing for its collection.

The distillation process ensures that the extracted lavender oil retains its potent essence and intrinsic bioactive benefits.

Bulgarian Lavender Oil 

A number of lavender varieties exist, with each producing slightly different aromatic and therapeutic characteristics. 

Among these, Bulgarian Lavender stands out as the premier choice for high-quality essential oils. It's the distinct profile and unmatched quality of Bulgarian lavender that has earned its place in my formulations.

Originating from the lush fields of Bulgaria, the region's unique climate and soil impart distinct qualities to the lavender. The aroma of Bulgarian Lavender is robust, immediately capturing the senses.

The therapeutic prowess of Bulgarian Lavender is amplified by the plant’s high content of linalool and linalyl acetate. These components, celebrated for their ability to reduce redness and inflammation, position this lavender variety as a favored choice for relaxation practices like meditation and massage, bringing ease to the mind and spirit.

How to Start Using Lavender Oil in Your Routine? 

The benefits of lavender oil can elevate both your skin care routine and overall well-being.

For your body, indulge in self-massage using the much-loved Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil. This calming ritual infuses your skin with the purity of Bulgarian Lavender; hydrating and bringing a supple radiance to your skin.

For your complexion, the velvety Cleansing Milk for Face offers the calming and cleansing prowess of lavender. Your face will feel cherished and revitalized while balancing your skin's moisture barrier. The formula is especially beneficial for sensitive or dry complexions, and its unique blend can help unclog pores and reduce inflammation.

In cases of breakouts, turn to the Clarifying Dermagel. This lightweight gel, formulated with Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, pairs the soothing essence of lavender with potent antiseptics like Thyme, Tea Tree, and Myrrh. It's designed to harmoniously treat blemish-prone complexions without compromising the skin's natural oils.

Lavender oil can also offer relief for pesky bug bites. Take a few drops of lavender oil and mix it with a carrier oil like jojoba oil. You can apply the mixture to your skin directly on the affected area.

Benefits of Lavender Oil for Your Skin

Let’s explore the benefits of lavender oil for skin and how this botanical powerhouse can transform your skin care routine.

Antibacterial and antifungal

Lavender essential oil, with its robust antibacterial properties, combats acne-causing bacteria to promote clear pores and refreshed skin. For targeted acne care, my Clarifying Dermagel harnesses these properties, offering an effective solution to blemish-prone skin.

Antioxidants support well-aging

One of the key benefits for your skin is slowing the signs of premature aging. Lavender wards off the effects of free radicals and lavender infused formulations  in an anti aging routine can subtly smooth out fine lines and rejuvenate the skin. 

Luminous Morning Crème teams lavender's rejuvenating properties with uplifting citrus essences, like Neroli and Sweet Orange to revitalize and brighten skin. This blend is a radiant addition to any morning skin care ritual, especially blemish-prone, combination and oily complexions.

Soothes inflammatory skin conditions

Lavender offers calming relief from rosacea’s persistent redness or the discomfort from eczema. Its anti inflammatory properties soothe distressed skin and replenishes the skin’s vitality. Its role for blemish prone skin can help unclog pores and reduce inflammation.  

Enhancing these benefits, my Intensive Repair Balm is an ideal companion. Harnessing lavender plus the powerful regenerative botanicals Helichrysum, White Lily, and Lotus, this balm is especially formulated to treat damaged skin. 

Balances moisture

Lavender brings harmony to skin's moisture levels, keeping it adequately hydrated without tipping to oiliness. In addition to its soothing capabilities, Intensive Repair Balm acts as a protective barrier, maintaining the skin's natural moisture for a dewy, hydrated complexion while aiding in its repair and regeneration.

Relieves insect bites

A touch of lavender blended with a carrier oil offers a soothing relief, easing itchiness and diminishing redness from bug bites.

Lavender oil for the skin does come with a note of caution. A few might experience side effects, so it's always wise to do a patch test first.

Incorporating lavender oil into your routine is a step towards radiant skin. The benefits of lavender oil for skin are nature's answer to multiple skin concerns, from clogged pores to insect bites, offering a holistic solution.

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