These past weeks I have come more and more fully to believe in the power of the little things, the small gestures that make all the difference. This could be taking the extra moment to make everything look beautiful before a meal, or taking a deep breath or two during the middle of a busy day.

 But, at the same time, we can realize when something more is needed, and when self-soothing becomes a vital part of self care—more like first aid than maintenance. As so many of us have learned, taking the time to calm the body, through the power of aromatic flower essences like those I blend into the collection, or breathing exercises, or simply taking the afternoon off just to do an at-home facial or read a book, can have an incredible effect. When we reach for something besides our devices—though that’s so tempting—it generates so much more life. And that's never more true than when we work with medicinal plant remedies, especially heart-soothing Rose, which is at the foundation of Quintessential Serum, Celestial Rose Crème and Restorative Radiance Masque. When we call on the restorative power of Rose the results are exponential.

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